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"Are these alt posts just vying for 'craven post of the day' on kiwi farms or something?"

Zoid's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Stadia - January Check In - Stayed, Did Ya?
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Continued Trolling After Being Warned
It's called hyperbole. Much worse shit gets said around here and no one bats an eye. Don't be so sensitive. My internet assumption is indeed US based as it's one of the countries with the best infrastructure in place, not the best, but it's up there. Which doesn't bode well for the topic at hand.


GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)
Reason Obvious joke post is inappropriate in this discussion. Post is hidden for that reason.


GamingThread Splatoon 2 Ver 3.0 announced + Octo Expansion single player DLC (playable Octolings finally)
Reason User Warned: Inappropriate video.
Red Text MOD EDIT: Removed inappropriate video.