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Zacmortar's Actioned Posts



GamingThread The next Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter will be revealed tomorrow at 7am PT!
Reason User banned (permanent): sexualizing an underage boy. Long history of hostility and inappropriate commentary.
Ill only be salty if i have to actually look at pyrhha Rex is hot so ill take him


GamingThread Activision confirms they will be increasing the price of next-gen standard editions to $69.99, starting with Call of Duty
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Advocating Violence
Put Kotick to the fucking guillotine


GamingThread So in the Japanese releases of Pokemon, every trainer has a Japanese name
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Hostility Over Multiple Posts; Numerous Prior Bans for Hostility
can you, like, fuck off if youre gonna do nothing but mock people that actually care about things


GamingThread Sekiro success, sales, and winning Game of the Year is a huge strike against the "difficulty equals bad" notion
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Hostility, multiple past infractions for hostility.
fuck off with this. everyone is owed what they pay for, especially when its only a goddamn OPTION god i despise the soulsborne community artistic vision can eat my ass


GamingThread Death Stranding - Review Thread (see staff post for discussion guidelines)
Reason User banned (5 days): hostility, misrepresenting others + history of the same behaviour
No, i said that because are often downplayed. Kojimas involvement has nothing to do with it. If it wasn't PT, itd be Silent Hill 3. And yes, shootbangs is a valid criticism of that mindset because there are a substantial amount of people who think their shooter of choice is robbed everytime something else that is more unique wins a popukar vote Yall are fucking toxic as hell


GamingThread Characters that everyone knows are gay, but the creator never confirmed they are.
Reason User banned (3 days): hostility, misrepresenting another member, history of similar infractions
So its only valid to be a gay icon if youre flamboyant Fuck right the hell off


GamingThread [PC Gamer] Huge Watch Dog mod adds custom missions, random events and danger zones
Reason User banned (5 days): inflammatory accusation, thread derailment
this post is actually sickening, if you want white dudes being shitty over black people having fun, go play hatred, jesus


GamingThread FROM Software Only “Taking a Break” From Souls Game, Learning Unreal Engine
Reason User Warned: Port begging.
Yeah, youre right. RE7 is still the best game for VR, and is playable without it. Making games exclusive to a 300$ accessory few have both limits how many will actually experience your game, and how much you'll make from it. But, y'know, if you people want more teleporting games for your hyper expensive add on, more power to ya.


GamingThread Pokémon Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu (Switch) announced; coming Nov 16th 2018
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Hostility throughout the thread, generalizing communities, previous infractions for similar behavior.
Because this is the one place where there's a bunch of reasonable adults who arent blinded by their childhood and can either realize they like the series or dont. If you only like the first entry of a 14 entry franchise, youre not a fan. AND HOLY SHIT AT THAT SECOND SENTENCE. Its jaw dropping how astonishing that hypocrisy is. And lmao for one, I am calm. You can't read peoples attitudes through text. For two, get down of that horse, youre not more grown than someone you disagree with just because you think you're somehow more right than they are.


GamingThread The alt-right attack on the Netflix Witcher makes me feel a bit uncomfortable about CDPR
Reason User banned (3 days): hostility, personal attacks, history of similar behaviour
I'm not having this argument with you, racist.