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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

Xeontech's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Unreal Engine 5 tech demo runs on today's hardware
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Platform Wars, prior bans for similar behavior
Just read this....."Cerny also confirms the PlayStation 5's SSD improves how patches are installed on the storage. The system no longer needs to create a new file every time a patch is installed. This was previously necessary because the patch would add new seeks, and thus compound the data usage even further. But as we said above, there's no seeks on the SSD. "This means no installs as you know them today." " Insane. The hardware war is changing completely. It's over.


GamingThread Next-gen PS5 and next Xbox speculation launch thread |OT8| - The Dark Tower (See Staff Post)
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Hostility, recently returned from a ban for the same behavior.
I didn't single anyone out and wasn't even talking about you. It wasn't meant to be hostile in the slightest. The fact you saw yourself as a Target in my post might be a clue in how you see yourself however. Probably somthing to reflect on I would think.


GamingThread Next-gen PS5 and next Xbox speculation launch thread |OT8| - The Dark Tower
Reason User banned (1 day): hostility
For you all that talk shit about the leakers and insiders, ya you can go fuck off please. These guys like Klee put their asses on the line so we can have a few tidbits to keep us from going insane. If you don't have inside info to add, talking shit about the leakers is just console warrior bullshit and it's tiring.


GamingThread Death Stranding - Review Thread (see staff post for discussion guidelines)
Reason User Banned (3 days): Platform warring, prior related infractions
Ah. The console wars. I see your motivation now.


GamingThread Which you will get at launch Last of Us part 2 or Final Fantasy VII remake?
Reason User warned: hostility
Your comment has nothing to do with this thread so you and your ilk should fck off.


GamingThread PlayStation 4 becomes the fastest home console to reach 100 million unit sell in
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Platform Warring
ROFL cause the man is a joke Xbox fans really holding it in today.


GamingThread Destiny 2 Monetization and Engagement Levels drop to pre-Forsaken levels again
Reason User warned: Hostility to other posters
typical moronic and immature reply As if lack of in game party mechanics for raids somehow makes the game ‘better’ That and the fact 90% of the playerbase cant play said content or even finish the dam storylines Enjoy your sinking ship morons


GamingThread gamers = people who play games. same thing
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Inflammatory false equivalence
For most people that play games, the term game enthusiast, gameophile, game player, one who plays games, etc ad nauseum are completely interchangeable with gamer. You are using an EXTREMELY broad label to vilify a tiny small slice of the population that falls under that label. And worse you try to force that vilified definition on anyone that dares use the term. It would suit the cause better if you used a specific term for that slice, like ‘gamergaters’ or ‘gamedicks’ or something that doesn’t sound like your attacking every person that is interested in games. Thing is, there are some of you that WANT to generalize and vilify the entire group due to hate. And those of you like that are no better than racists and Nazis you fight so hard.