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GamingThread Scorn Developer Interview: "The new CPUs is where the biggest difference compared to current generation will come from"
Reason User Warned - Platform Warring
To be fair, its a good bit more than 17 percent. PS5 is a 9.2 TF machine that reaches over 10 with after burners on. Keep them on too long and it'll explode. But the SSD advantage is undeniable. It's almost like they have a template for game design that they made a console for. Funnily enough, despite XSX getting marketing for Valhallah, the PS5 is seemingly better placed to stream its open world in a (shorter) blink.


GamingThread DF: Microsoft has developed a console GPU that is more performant and more feature-rich than any Navi part AMD has shipped in 2019
Reason User warned: Antagonistic language towards other members
Watch your language, boy. I genuinely want both consoles to melt eyes next year. But the silence from Sony is deafening. It reminds me of the silence from Xbox 1st party when they used the excuse of not wanting to announce games too early. Look out beyond this forum. Look at Reddit, YouTube, Twitter etc. The content is about MS. Hopefully Sony can step up with a good reveal. They are market leader but they also were when they revealed the PS3 and that did not go well. Like, at all. Keep the message simple. Make the box strong. Come out with a better launch line-up than PS4. 1st party on PS Now day 1. Then they'll be fine.