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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

Volimar's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread Democratic Presidential Primaries & Caucuses |March OT| Super Tuesday Turbo XD Championship Edition & Knuckles (Discussion Guidelines in OP)
Reason User Warned: Violating the staff post in regards to metacommentary
There can be 10 anti Biden posts and 1 anti Bernie post and that's the one some people will see because that's the one they have a problem with.


EtcetEraThread Mainland Chinese thugs harassing HKers in Canada
Red Text We understand that a complex and sensitive discussion like this can make tempers flare, but hostility towards other posters is not going to be tolerated. Please try to discuss this issue in a civil manner and refrain from making generalizations or assumptions. Report posters you think are crossing the line instead of engaging in hostility. Further violations will be strongly moderated.


GamingThread Jim Sterling criticizes Microsoft's role in normalizing microtransactions (see staff post)
Red Text After due consideration we are reopening this thread with a less inflammatory/clickbait title.


GamingThread Dragon Quest I-III Switch announced for NA/Europe Sept. 27 for $4.99, $6.49, and $12.49
Red Text The other thread seems to be a different announcement from Square Enix Asia and as such we'll leave this open as well for discussion on this topic.


EtcetEraThread The IT Chapter 2 gay-bashing scene was based on real life events [See Staff Post]
Red Text This is a sensitive subject. If your only contribution to this thread is to complain about spoilers for a decades old story, then don't post. Thread whining and dismissal of this topic will be sternly moderated.


GamingThread RUMOR : Playstation Battle Royale 2 currently in development by Sony and Capcom
Red Text There doesn't seem any reason to believe this might be accurate, and some of the claims in the report don't add up. Feel free to make a new thread if more reputable sources emerge.


GamingThread Alec Holowka (Night in the Woods, TowerFall) accused of sexual assault
Red Text Please remember that we have rules against creating cross forum drama. Let's knock it off and stay on topic, thanks.


GamingThread So do Gamestop employees realize that Switch game boxes sometimes have download codes in them?
Red Text This thread isn't producing good discussion and is kind of a bad idea all around.


EtcetEraThread Tom Holland's recent posts on Instagram: "We did it Mr. Stark"
Red Text There are other threads to discuss the possibilities of a MCU/Sony deal. We don't need 30 pages of speculation based on an Instagram post.


EtcetEraThread Please stop referring to women as "females" (READ OP)
Red Text Given the way this was necro bumped, the time that has passed, and due to most of the new discussion not being about the thread subject, we're closing this.


GamingThread Astral Chain Preview Thread
Red Text This thread isn't for discussion on real life police controversies. There are topical threads for that. Stay on topic and don't derail the thread with irrelevant discussion.


EtcetEraThread Barcelona Confirms Women Can Go Topless in City Pools
Red Text This thread is not meant for people to objectify women. If you can't post in a respectful manner then don't post.


GamingThread I just spent too much time going Sakurai on my cable situation to not show it off.
Red Text Don't remake locked threads. As noted before there is already a dedicated thread for showing off your setup.


EtcetEraThread Youtuber Brooke Houts accidentally uploads footage of her abusing her dog
Red Text After discussion, we believe there may be value from this conversation so we're reopening the thread for now. Please don't use it to complain about site policy.


GamingThread I've put together a pretty nice setup in the last year and I want to show it off.
Red Text It looks great but we already have a dedicated thread for posting your setup.


GamingThread If Death Stranding is EGS exclusive will you buy it?
Red Text This is baseless speculation at the moment. Let's wait until there's an actual announcement before asking this.


EtcetEraThread 8chan has been shut down. [READ STAFF POST]
Red Text Deliberately ignoring modposts has always been a bannable offense. Shy knew this and chose to break the rules anyway. He was banned twice for doing it in the past, and not for the reasons Gattsu said:


EtcetEraThread once upon a time in Hollywood is a great fiom for ppl who like feet
Red Text We don't need a thread on this. There's another thread discussing such a scene in the film, but please don't use it to objectify women.


EtcetEraThread This 35 second clip changed my perception of Iron Mike Tyson
Red Text This clip is 8 years old and is not generating good discussion. As such we're locking it.


EtcetEraThread If Spider-Man: Far From Home doesn't make a billion (which it will), Sony is no longer contractually obligated to work with Marvel
Red Text Given this news is based on an unrelaible source, we're closing the thread. If a trustworthy source confirms the news feel free to remake the thread.


GamingThread Miyamoto thinks Nintendo's online services have not fallen behind
Red Text This thread title and OP don't mesh with the actual interview so to stop it from further misleading people we're locking the thread.


EtcetEraThread Citizenship question causing an uproar in U.S. has been part of Canada's census since 1901
Red Text This thread's topic is based on a false equivalence between the US and Canadian systems and as such has been locked.


GamingThread River City Girls is a Better Revival than the new Battletoads
Red Text Let's wait until the games are out before deciding which one is better.


EtcetEraThread First trailer for "Knives Out", a Rian Johnson whodunit, premieres July 2nd
Red Text Thread locked per OP's request. The thread about the trailer can be found here:


GamingThread YouTuber claims Todd Howard told him he had a “nice penis, bro”
Red Text As the video has been removed there's not much discussion to be had so we're locking this.


EtcetEraThread Iran says "the White House is stricken by a mental (or intellectual) disability." [See Staff Post]
Red Text The sentiments expressed herein not withstanding, please remember that the language used here is hurtful to people with various conditions. We ask members to be respectful to them and not echo this language themselves. Please do not compare these cognitive conditions with bigotry, stupidity, or malice.


EtcetEraThread BIG News that may affect the price of Sony PlayStation and Microsoft new consoles
Red Text This source isn't credible. If you find a more reputable source you can remake the thread, but try to do a better job with the title.


EtcetEraThread ESPN: Complaint targets transgender HS track athletes
Red Text There is a study by Joanna Harper on transgender runners' performance versus cisgender runners' performance that was published in the Journal of Sporting Cultures and Identities in 2015. This was the first-ever-study of transgender athletes, according to the
Reminder for all threads concerning issues like this


EtcetEraThread Ars: One dead after fecal microbiota transplant gone wrong, FDA warns [See Staff post]
Red Text It shouldn't have to be said but a thread about someone dying isn't the place to make poop jokes. Don't use this thread to complain about your warnings. Stay on topic.


GamingThread THQ Nordic announces SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated (PS4, PC, XBOX ONE, NSW) [See Staff Post]
Red Text Everyone is welcome to criticize THQ Nordic for any past mistakes. Users should not try to police or backseat mod the thread by claiming such posts do not belong here. Please do not dismiss concerns about these issues, either.


GamingThread A Final Fantasy XIII collection for PS4/Xbox One would be a great thing to announce at E3
Red Text There's no need to bump an old thread for this. If credible news is announced feel free to make a new thread.


EtcetEraThread Game of Thrones S8 |OT2| Please do not post spoilers here - assume all episodes have been leaked - spoiler tag all future episode speculation
Red Text Title updated per OP's request.
if you want the wording to be different let me know. And remember you can report your OP and request title changes which might get it done faster than pinging mods.


EtcetEraThread Would you crossdress 1 (one) time for money?
Red Text This discussion was started off in a way that comes across as insensitive to a number of people and issues. It has been locked for that reason.


EtcetEraThread Astronomers Worldwide Are About to Make a Groundbreaking Black Hole Announcement (April 10, 9 AM EST)
Red Text Now that the image has been revealed and a new thread made to discuss the image, this one is no longer needed.


GamingThread So, you posted the "Boycott Modern Warfare 2 Steam Group" picture
Red Text This appears to be a reaction thread, which we do not allow. Thread locked.


EtcetEraThread Trump: FBI & DOJ to review the outrageous Jussie Smollett case in Chicago. It is an embarrassment to our Nation! (See Staff Post)
Red Text Please remember that this is a convoluted situation with no immediately clear explanation. Please approach this topic with tact and respect. Stick to the information available and do not make irresponsible conjecture.


EtcetEraThread Breaking: Charges dropped in case against Jussie Smollett. (See Staff Post)
Red Text This is a convoluted situation with no immediately clear explanation. Please approach this topic with tact and respect. Stick to the information available and do not make irresponsible conjecture.


GamingThread Hideaki Itsuno was ready to quit Capcom after DmC
Red Text In light of some of the inflammatory rhetoric featured in this video unrelated to the OP, this thread is closed.


EtcetEraThread Footage of Michael Jackson ring shopping with a young boy resurfaces
Red Text The other threads were locked because they weren't being used to discuss the documentary or Michael Jackson so much as they were being used to take shots at members across threads or try to rile up trouble for the staff. We are looking at rebooting the main thread. We have been working tirelessly under high stress to moderate these topics and have actioned many posters who violated our policies.


EtcetEraThread Asshole decides to declare himself female for a day to compete in a weightlifting tournament. Read through please!
Red Text This thread seems to have been based on misinformation and does not need to be signal boosted. As such we are closing it.


EtcetEraThread America's Professional Elite: Successful, Rich, and Miserable (NYT Magazine)
Red Text Stop the hostility and mental health diagnoses and stick to the discussion at hand.


EtcetEraThread Young woman harassed to the point of police intervention for asking Bernie Sanders a tough question about sexual harassment.
Red Text This thread is now open. Remember that this topic is about women who suffered harassment. Do not characterize concerns for these women as being spurious or insincere. Do not use this thread as a battleground over political affiliations. Do not post other people's personal information and do not condone or downplay harassment.


EtcetEraThread Trump promises shutdown *today* if Senate does not approve border wall
Red Text This thread is about the potential government shutdown. Get back on topic.


GamingThread Ninja has some harsh words about Fortnite ‘rehab’ and parental responsibility
Red Text This thread isn't the place for you to show off your parenting skills. We've all been kids and can all contribute from that perspective. Knock off the "I know better than you" posts.


GamingThread YongYea: Ubisoft Defends Loot Boxes in Dismissive Response to Backlash, Points Finger at Gamers
Red Text Let's stop with the derailing pot shots and hostility and get back on topic.


GamingThread Star Citizen Anniversary Free Fly 2018 |OT| Space Planes, Trains, and All-Terrain Vehicles
Red Text I'm closing this thread. First, your use of referral links is against our self promotion rules. Second, you need to get permission from an OT creator before you use assets and parts of their OT in your thread. You can either remake the thread without those assets or get permission from the OT whose assets you wish to use. Either way, don't post personal referral codes.


GamingThread Star Citizen Anniversary Free Fly 2018 |OT| Space Planes, Trains, and All-Terrain Vehicles
Red Text It seems the parties involved have worked through their issues regarding the assets in the OP and as such I am unlocking the thread. Everyone please remember that you're still not allowed to post referral codes.


GamingThread Reddit user:"Sony Banned me for a common nickname in my culture."
Red Text This thread is full of off site sleuthing, inflammatory false equivalences, and troll posts. It doesn't seem like it would recover so we're keeping it closed.


EtcetEraThread Daily Beast: Avenatti Assault Accuser Requests Domestic Violence Protection Order
Red Text Since this thread has devolved into baseless accusations and conspiracies we're locking it. If there are developments more concrete than tweets from the parties involved you can make a new thread.


GamingThread Persona 5 is game for adults in which you date children.
Red Text The sexualisation of minors is not tolerated here, and discussions like this one invariably end poorly and please no one. We do not believe this thread will be different, and so it has been locked.


EtcetEraThread THR: Crowdfunded Rehire James Gunn Billboard in Orange County, CA
Red Text Please do not preemptively "call out" members who have not even posted in the thread yet. That doesn't contribute to the discussion and is literally asking for trouble.


EtcetEraThread John McCain will stop receiving care for his brain cancer, entering his final days
Red Text It is impossible to discuss John McCain without touching upon the political legacy that he leaves behind. You may do so, but as always when a public figure dies, we ask that you act with tact and grace. If it appears that you were just waiting for this occasion so that you could post vitriol, you will be banned. If you have a harsher take on McCain’s political legacy, there will likely be no shortage of opportunities to discuss that in the future.Thread has been rebooted.


EtcetEraThread Man accuses Sean Spicer of using racial slur; Spicer threatens to sue AP for reporting incident
Red Text This thread is not about any individual users or their beliefs, it's about the incident involving Sean Spicer at a book signing and his suing of the AP for covering it. So please stay on topic and don't derail the thread again.