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"Why are we allowing them to walk free and safe? This is a fucking war."

Video Games Are Dumb's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread A YouTuber Placed Her Autistic Adopted Son From China With A New Family — After Making Content With Him For Years
Reason User banned (duration pending): Dismissing concerns about child exploitation
I seriously don't know enough about this story to say anything about these people. But I'm willing to bet there's more to this story than we know. But Era gotta drag. EDIT: She's got four other kids, come on now. There might have been a serious conflict between the children. I don't anything for certain, which is why I aint here to drag.


EtcetEraThread Why do people still post as if Biden is less of a person because of his gaffes, when he's always just suffered from a lifelong stuttering disability ?
Reason User banned (1 week): ableist rhetoric
People stutter and absolutely no one should be cruel and pick on them. No debate. You're right there. But...there's clearly something else going with his brain. It's not a stutter, it's not a slip up with words. He just straight up looks lost for awhile and then becomes, by political standards, fucking hostile to whoever he's talking to. Telling them not to vote for him and vote for trump. No one should be belittled and insulted for their affectations. But uhhhhhhh he might be entering dementia. Doesn't make him a bad person. Just shouldn't be president.


GamingThread I was watching the first reveal of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
Reason User banned (5 days): Hostility. History of similar behavior.
Mmmmkay, I'll help you out with your personal struggle, champ. People can feel however they want. There's a whole world of emotions! Still with me, great? Buckle up cause your world is about to be flipped! There this other thing called context. Context changes the game, champ! Things that seem fine in one environment and role don't belong in another! Gee golly it can be hard to keep track of I know. But breath and keep calm while I guide you through an example of context. If a journalist doing an interview with a political figure, should they tell that politician they voted for them? Believe it or not, they shouldn't! How about a citizen during a town hall meeting? Actually that's fine. Now please, if this is confusing, please go take a brain nap before continuing to read this post. The journalists at E3 can feel however they wish. But to express their feelings like they're a 12 year old having a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, that's actually inappropriate. Meanwhile, having a bit of fun at home is completely appropriate. So in short, context is a thing that adults learn about very early on. I realize this is a lot to absorb. But I believe in you. Anyway, thanks for calling me embarrassing. And its "You're" not "Your" Bye.


EtcetEraThread Those two brother villains in Breaking Bad S3 are pathetic (Spoilers)
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Thread Derailment Over Multiple Posts; Prior Related Infractions
Naw, it's just a racist show. I'm sorry. The poor teacher with a mean immigrant boss gets cancer. Is able to plow over the entire Mexican drug cartel because he's just such a special little boy that the rest of the world was wrong to ignore. Oh and the best bit, after all the Mexicans are defeated he faces the ultimate final boss that equals him....other white people? Fucking barf. I felt this way in 2012, I feel this way now. This show helped get trump elected and is why those racist dumbfucks want a wall. Fuck breaking bad.


GamingThread Opinion: The Amount of Remakes We Had Proves that Old AAA Games Are Still More Creative
Reason User Banned (1 day): Hostility over a series of posts
I'm not going to write a fucking novel to appease forum randos. What is with the shitty fucking attitudes in this thread? If you have a point, argue it? Kill the sarcasm ya sophomores.


EtcetEraThread AMC will promote ‘social distance’ by capping movie theater attendance at 50 percent
Reason User Banned (3 days): Inflammatory commentary
I think ya might be overreacting just a wee bit there. I'm going to keep living my life and washing my hands. It's really not that big of a deal.


EtcetEraThread Are you cheap if you don’t tip? (American tipping culture)
Reason User Warned: Graphic commentary
I am explicitly say that anyone who doesn't tip shouldn't go out. And if they do, I hope every bodily fluid makes their way into their. As someone who worked in the industry, trust me, people know who tips and they absolutely get their revenge i some truly disgusting ways.