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GamingThread Exclusives suck (unless developed with a specific hardware limitation/use case in mind)
Reason User banned (1 day): hostility, personal attacks
That is not the only way to get paid for their products, and getting paid in no way requires the megacorps to hide their games behind arbitrary gates. Many of the most successful games out there are successful because they are available everywhere.They do it to make money obviously. And yes, there's a growing trend towards movie companies moving to lock their content away behind arbitrary gates, but they didn't use to and still don't have to make a profit. put an end to that sort of exclusivity arrangement for cinema chains. Further, you supporting moves that take choice away from you in order to give megacorps more money makes you a corporate bootlicking apologist.Not a fan of Netflix doing the same, though I do note that they have released series and the likes on Bluray, making them more widely available.Quality games like Days Gone right? Quality isn't determined by exclusivity.