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"Omg everyone hide your baby rape videos before the alt right finds you too!"

Uzupedro's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Digital Foundry: Hitman 3 PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S Comparison: An Xbox Advantage At 4K
Reason User Warned: Console Warring
These ''tools matured'' posts are convenient as fuck, if it took a month or a year for a game to have a noticeable advantage it wouldn't make any difference for the point being right. Anyway, the game looks, and runs, very clean on all platforms, XSX footage shown in the video is beautiful.


GamingThread Microsoft doesn't make it clear that new Game Pass addition are sometimes already available on the service
Reason User Warned: Accusing Fellow Member of Being a Shill
While I think OP's complaint is unwarranted this is hilarious, like, it's such a harmless suggestion to the point it doesn't need this kind of defense I really hope this line of thinking exists because of a big bag of money, it would be less embarrassing.