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GamingThread Nintendo General Discussion |OT27| The Hunt for Dread October (Support Afghan Women)
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Account self-destruction
Ok peeps. As I've been away for a while (I had six month self requested ban) I can't really say that I've been massive part of this community for a while now. However I still remember with absolute joy the madness of the old. From Chibi robos to Reset the clock. From the madness that was launch day to this horrible week. It's been absolute pleasure as a middle aged video gaming fan to read the shitposts, takes, hot takes, jokes, opinions and recommendations and everything else here. It's been more than a pleasure. It's been a goddamn privilege. I don't know if I will ever join the discord as someone who writes or even reads. I did get the invitation and it sits on my app sure, but I never use discord except with my siblings because Nintendo doesn't have a voice chat. Seriously NO VOICE CHAT. (that was a joke). I don't know if I will join the new forum if you guys put it up. I will lurk some time here for that maybe. Or maybe check the discord for it. But for this place. It's gotta go from my life. Because the only thing I have left to say for Resetera leadership is F**k you. And that's not a thing I want to do or how I want to feel about any virtual or real community. NintendoEra is the best. You people are the absolute worst in best way possible and the best in the best way possible. With this. I bid you all guys farewell or if Kirby Stars align, see ya.


GamingThread Is there something wrong going on at Platinum games?
Reason User Warned: Hostility
Maybe because it's the single biggest challenge the developed countries have faced since the last world war economically, logistically, medically and socially. Maybe it's actually the go to defense because it's a fucking massive crisis throughout the world even if it doesn't touch your little entitled bubble. Maybe be less of a prick.