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GamingThread I hope Rockstar allows us to play as a female protagonist in GTAVI.
Reason User banned (2 weeks): Sexist rhetoric.
Nothing wrong with having a female character you can opt to play, but force one down players throats as the sole playable protagonist in a franchise (just to please a certain audience)... you‘re going to cause a riot. Look at what happened with BFV when their lead guy went on a political correctness rampage alienating a huge part of their playerbase in the process. I, for one, have no interest in playing a female character in a game, so a single female protagonist in a GTA title would be a deal breaker for me. And yes, I didn‘t play Horizon and am not interested in playing the new TLOU2 (no, I don‘t care about the marketing or lesbian angle that has people up in arms, I simply don‘t want to play as Ellie in general). More power to the people who want to play female protags though. Disclaimer: I am a white male so this post is probably getting me banned