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Thizzles's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Twitch breaks after Ninja and Pewdiepie join together to play Fortnite
Reason User banned (duration pending): defending sexism, attacking the community with concern trolling + previous severe infractions
It's hilarious coming from era. Cause if he did stream either females and one made Anna causation against him you guys wouldn't even wait for facts before you blasted him and blacklisted him within 5 minutes. I'd avoid that shit too


EtcetEraThread Chick-fil-A Foundation says anti-LGBTQ giving is part of its ‘higher calling’ in Business Insider interview
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Concern trolling, antagonizing other members, history of similar infractions
Bru go back and look at the first few posts. It immediately becomes fuck anyone who goes there and I look down upon anyone who goes there. What if someone didn't know about these issues? What do these posts really accomplish? Imagine someone not knowing and just being bombarded with fuck you and I look down upon you. Call me a knucklehead all you want. Your opinion doesn't make you better then other people who may not know about every issue with a specific company, yet some of you on here act like it.


GamingThread I love talking shit online. Anyone else? (Not racism or personal based)
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Antagonistic Behavior and a History of Similar Infractions
Im not excusing being a dick, prick. But if im playing and i say you need to practice to get under your skin in a competitive game thats not really being a dick. If you think so maybe go back to your safe space and mute me. Like i said going overboard and insulting people isnt cool. Being told toy suck against an opponemt isnt that big of a deal


GamingThread Fornite skin based off an artist's design (UPDATE: It was actually a fake stunt by the artist)
Reason User Banned (3 days): Antagonistic behaviour
Are you fuckin kidding me? Did you really say it's not a good idea to hold off judgment until you have all facts? That's 100% the solution. Im really at a loss. Why does everyone want to jump to conclusions without facts. You dont feel bad for saying shame on a company when you didn't have all the facts and then looked like an ass for being wrong? Well then there's a problem with you and you'll just look like an idiot the rest of your life. So if that's what you want go ahead. But don't be shocked when people call you a moron from here on out


EtcetEraThread "Friends" is some problematic garbage
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Dismissing concerns surrounding transphobic content and antagonizing other members
You're fostering a discussion of a show from the 90's that offends you in 2019. That's ridiculous. Do people still find it popular? Sure. And a lot of it is nostalgia. Obviously this show wouldn't get green lit today with the jokes it tells. No offense but this post just reeks of being offended to be offended