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"This thread seems to have gone off the rails. Give us a bit to sort this out."

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EtcetEraThread Can you be racist towards white people?
Reason User banned (duration pending): Inflammatory false equivalence surrounding racism, history of similar behavior.
So you can say whatever you want towards white people due to past experiences? By that logic that person will forever hate white people. I've been jumped in the wrong part of town late at night when I was a teenager, I don't sit there and judge every single black person I come across because a bunch of drunk idiots where calling me a white cracker while kicking me in the ribs. Because not only would that be racist but incredibly dumb. Granted sometimes I'll think back on it and wonder "was it cause I was white? Or was it cause I was a idiot for walking alone down a block where a party was going on and drunk kids will be drunk kids"


EtcetEraThread Racist yells slurs and throws punch at FedEx driver, driver punches back...
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Arguing in bad faith over a series of posts; history of dismissive behavior towards situations involving prejudice
As I said in the other thread, glad the driver wasn't charged. With that said, I'm sure this man's death will weigh on him and I bet he won't be speeding down any blocks anytime soon.


GamingThread John Bain (Aka Totalbiscuit) has passed away [READ OP]
Reason User banned (one week): thread derailment
TB when he first announced what he didn't do right away (go to a doctor) has been seared into my brain when I first heard him talk about this stuff. So when I started having similiar issues to the above I flew to the gastro like bat out of hell. Had the colonoscopy polyps, no UC, No IBD and no cancer. Internal hemroids that tared due to constipation. Red blood is not as much of problem as to black blood that looks like coffee grinds. Still get checked out. I was diagnosed with alternating IBS (Mix of Constipation some days, diarrhea other days). You have to change your diet, you have to balance your fiber but you also have to will be with you for life. There is no curing IBS. Please do, fuck these assholes.


EtcetEraThread Simpsons creator Matt Groening on Apu: 'People love to pretend they're offended'
Reason User Warned: Dismissive post.
It kind of proves his point though. There is a group of people that go from controversy to controversy and magnify it to 1000 because they want to be accepted or need reassurance that they are truly progressive (probably to make up for something they are truly not progressive on) and they act a fool. I don't think MG was taking a shot at the people in the doc, more so the crazies that hopped on the band wagon.