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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

The era of Luigi's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Engadget: Xbox is fighting Google, not Playstation
Reason User Banned (3 days): Platform warring over a series of post in the thread. Accumulated infractions.
"Playstation has a history of rich and exclusive franchises, and Xbox has a few of its own, plus it just bought a handful of notable studios" She always talks like there is little to no difference between what Sony and MS are doing and emphasizes what MS does that Sony dont (SEGA <3) to make look like they are POISED to dominate the nextgen. So yeah, I agree, this video sounds like an Xbox ad


GamingThread Detroit: Become Human - Review thread
Reason User Warned: Ignoring mod post.
Mods, I feel like everyone who wants to derail the thread without real arguments about the game (but dont want to be punhished) keep saying "but but but its a David Cage game, this cant be a good game" and nobody do something about it.