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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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EtcetEraThread Internet drags girl for unrelatable student loan hack
Reason User Banned (permenant): Inflammatory commentary; History of bigoted rheotric
So she and her husband became blood sucking subhumans to pay off her loans and went into even more debt to become even more subhuman?


GamingThread GI.Biz: Streaming could be key to Xbox reclaiming the lead from Playstation
Reason User Warned: Baseless accusations/personal attacks.
Neither you, nor the OP has made any effort to show exactly how this is different from existing offerings from Sony, so yes, this just seems like shilling for Microsoft. Claiming that "Xbox's Game Pass is very forward thinking for capturing marketshare imo" like the OP does is being willfully blind to Sony's streaming and game share services that they've had since the PS3. The service itself is something I welcome since it would allow me to play "console exclusives" on PC, but to claim that this is something revolutionary or forward thinking is a bit too much.


EtcetEraThread The Independent: Denmark poised to ban Islamic full-face veils
Reason User banned (duration pending review): repeatedly defending sexism and misogyny
You literally called out two verses from the Qur'an. Men AND women have the responsibility to prevent it. What is your solution to stop rapists? Rapists are mentally deranged men (and sometimes women). They're looking for any excuse to rape.


EtcetEraThread The Independent: Denmark poised to ban Islamic full-face veils
Reason User warned for ignoring moderator instructions. Drop the gaslighting and groundless accusations of misogyny and bigotry.
You probably do because you seem to believe that the niqab (and the hijab) are inherently misogynistic without giving a shred of evidence beyond your emotions. Why are you changing the discussion? It was you who falsely claimed that the niqab has no religious basis. I provided evidence that it does. Then you falsely claimed that Muslims don't follow the evidence I provided. I told you that the vast majority do and even the minority have their own evidences in support of the niqab. Then, you created a strawman that most Muslims don't believe it to be obligatory, which was never the point. I told you that even if they don't believe it to be obligatory, even if they wear just the headscarf or even if they don't wear any veil at all, Muslims who know of this proof will be against the niqab ban. And now, you're creating another strawman, that somehow I'm arguing that simply because a religion holds something sacred it cannot be banned. The entire premise of my argument is that a secular country that has freedom of conscience should not be banning the niqab as it violates that freedom. Not once have I (nor anyone else for that matter) said that countries cannot ban something that a particular religion practices, but to ban the niqab is hypocritical. For example, the punishment for theft in Islam is amputation, but you don't see Muslims amputating people in the West (or even in the vast majority of Muslim countries). That's because such a law would affect a second or third party. The niqab only affects one person: the one wearing the niqab. I consider you believing that a woman who wears the niqab is less than a human to be dehumanizing. I believe that someone who thinks that a woman who chooses the niqab is simply self-hating or is a masochist or too stupid to come to that conclusion herself to be dehumanizing. A woman who wears the niqab IS expressing herself. She is expressing her religious beliefs. She is expressing her devotion. She believes that what she is doing is a sign of devotion to her god. She is not doing it for some man. In Saudi Arabia, sure, maybe, but not in the West. Who is forcing divorced women living alone or living with their kids? Who is forcing single converts? , in France, women started donning the niqab more after the ban was instated. How on earth does a piece of fabric hide a person's humanity? That's some hyperbolic and baseless language. It's funny how you and other non-Muslims seem to think that Muslim women are some frail weaklings, who have no idea about the world they live in (until they agree with your morality, then they're brave and courageous!). If anything, that does reek of misogyny (not to mention bigotry). Go ask a niqab-wearing Muslim woman living in the West. The vast majority will tell you they do it out of choice. Many even adopt it later on in life. When France banned the niqab, there were protests led by niqab-wearing women in France. Niqab-wearing women regularly violate the ban in France, taking on the financial burden that gets placed upon them. In some areas, the police doesn't even bother enforcing the law because they know they'll be faced with great resistance, largely from women. Some women who used to wear the headscarf only have started to wear the niqab after the ban simply because they saw that law as an attack on their community. Try to have a grain of sympathy and try to see the situation from the eyes of those women who wear the niqab and believe it to be a religious obligation. What do you think will happen if the government imposes a ban? Are they going to be like, "Oh, this government must know more about Islam than me so maybe I should take off the niqab" or are they going to feel that they're being singled out and targeted for discrimination? They sincerely believe the niqab is part of their identity, something you're failing to grasp. A ban will only force these women to take on a financial burden in paying fines, cause them to leave the country entirely, or cause them to isolate themselves within their homes. EDIT: Also, it should be pointed out that many Muslim scholars who say that the niqab/face veil is mandatory permit taking it off in the West if wearing it could be a danger to the women or even for the sake of improving interfaith ties and relations with non-Muslims. . Despite that, many women choose to do so.