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"There's a protected class of users that post a lot and will drown out all dissent. Any form of arguing with them always leads to a ban. --Skyrim, Verified GameDev"

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EtcetEraThread Sequels that go out of their way to shit on their predecessor
Reason User banned (3 days): Personal attack, gatekeeping over a series of posts
On your first to me, you brought up Trevorrow's rejected DotF script where Palpatine only appeared as a hologram cameo to disprove and claim that Palpatine or a similar Palpatine-like big bad was planned/one of the narrative marks for Episode IX . . . . which is a weird thing to say because the fact that that script did not pass mustard and was REJECTED is actually doing the opposite of what you are arguing for and leads credence to what KK and CT's is saying. Turns out the leaked DotF script is just the version of the script and there was a version where they are using an under-developed, female Knight of Ren to carry the big bad/final villain/Palpatine role. . Like i said before, it was a selfish creative move for Rian to kill the Palpatine-expy, the one setup to be the final villain, Snoke, in TLJ as it put Trevorrow/Connolly and Abrams/Terrio in a difficult creative position forcing them to ass-pull solutions to the trilogy's missing final villain problem.Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams and Colin Trevorrow needed a threatening, larger-than-life, Palpatine-like final villain to carry the 3rd movie of what suppose to be a crowd-pleasing, kid-friendly, tentpole, blockbuster Star Wars trilogy. But freakin' Rian decided to: - kill the Palpatine-expy, Snoke, that was originally setup to be the final viallin - kill Phasma, another gets-killed-with-no-development character like Snoke - refuse to develop the Knights of Ren - turn Hux into a punchline - turn Kylo into a "humanized", pathetic loser . . . . in Episode 8. He really seems intent to make sure Episode 9 creatives don't have properly setup villains to use and make their job more difficult.Sketchy set of credentials there, anonymous forum poster, but nice typing skills. If you wanna go all the way, maybe you should add a verifiable name, social media profile and picture not dissimilar to the of the i before to make your claims just as believable and authoritative as them! Maybe if you could also avoid touting your surface-level '' of story structure which amounts to nothing more than "b-b-but Act 2 is where da heroes are suppose to be challenged, TLJ did its job" completely glossing over its canon problems with the IP and it's failure to properly pick-up and develop the plot threads coming from TFA like a proper sequel should especially the villains as superior, people here might actually entertain the notion that you have screenwriting chops.Like i said earlier, all these mantra of "story trumps canon" and "enabling creatives to break canon" does not really hold-up in the face of LucasFilm's history and business realities. . And you, an anonymous forum poster, could try doing blanket statements again to convince people that "TLJ did not break canon" but it's not going to work. The energy-shield piercing Holdo maneuver/hyperspace ramming retroactively breaks the established canon/internal consistency of the WW2-style space battles in Star Wars from episode 1 to 9. You just need to disable the engines, the power sources or the bridge anyway, not structurally crack them in 2. As for Flashback Luke, Rian DELIBERATELY CHEAPED OUT and did not provide setup or context on Luke's attempted murder on his nephew because he just wanted a quick scene to provide some harder kick to Rey's turn: . I mean who cares if it goes against Luke's last known in-continuity characterization from the climax of RotJ where Luke redeemed his Sith Lord father through love and non-violence, right? Ain't nobody gonna remember that piece of ancient history. Rey's turn needs that extra emotional kick . . . .. I bring up the shooting script alongside the treatments because by the time Rian started working on his TLJ script, , he would have a good idea of where the TFA story is going to go. He was not waiting for it to finish as he was hired in or around the time the TFA shooting script was finished and barring dialogue and scene adjustments, the basic TFA story is not going to be radically changed anymore . . . . but he still made a conscious choice to do his own thing and ignore or did not develop properly the plot threads that was setup in TFA's story. Just because you can does not mean you should. And basing from the leaked Abrams's and draft treatments that are floating out there and what , well, Rian, totally did ignored them too.Who was that that started this specific debate, again? You know, the one who belittled his fellow Star Wars fan feelings of disappointment at the way Ackbar's death was handled in TLJ via a throwaway line of dialogue . . . . Oh, right, it was YOU!: .


GamingThread Engadget: Microsoft Was Right in 2013
Reason User Warned: Personal attack.
Funny thing, i did not typed my earlier quote as a response to anyone specifically but apparently it struck a nerve with you as you seem to have found the time and effort to type that wall of text reply of yours - complete with personal anecdotes! - trying to defend yourself as 'NOT A PAID SHILL'. Sad thing it has the opposite effect. Try not to be more obvious next time. Online marketing narratives is a tricky thing to implement especially something as blatantly anti-consumer as Xbox One 2013 policies. Shockingly, you're current and future 'digital console lifestyle' DOES NOT NEED an always online with a 24 hour checkin console nor does it need to remove the ability to play physical disks or play games offline to the detriment of others. An all-digital future DOES.NOT.NEED an always online with a 24 hour checkin console . Specifically, a digital games sharing implementation only needs your user permission and digital purchase history to work and it DOES-NOT-NEED an always online with a 24 hour checkin console.