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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

Tayaya's Actioned Posts



GamingThread EuroCosplay ban League of Legends Cosplayer for alleged "blackface"
Reason User Banned (1 month): excusing blackface, prior related infractions
This is 100% ridiculous. The costume is frigging amazing. People making this argument clearly don't understand what "blackface" really is and how it was used back in the cartoons and live shows of the early 20th century. Blackface was a deliberate caricature with exaggerated eyes and lips and is absolutely offensive. This is a case of someone making a costume to honor a character and doing whatever is necessary to achieve the look. Since the face is half covered and there's nothing but accurate-ass cosplay for the parts that aren't covered, there is no way in hell this falls in the same vein as blackface in intent or execution. If she tried to do something like cosplay Barrett or Balrog/M. Bison, for example, it would be pretty impossible to not offend someone without resorting to some cinema level full face latex mask work - any amount of make-up would definitely come across as blackface for a character like that. The characters themselves already toe the sterotype line and having a white person try to pull them off would be tough if not impossible. This character technically isn't even a black guy, so.... yeah. She should be allowed to compete.


GamingThread This fetishized in-game ad from Cyberpunk 2077 raises some questions about how the game may depict LGBT (NSFW) [See Staff Post Before Posting]
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Reinforcing harmful stereotypes and transphobic rhetoric
At the risk of taking a hit from the banhammer, can I ask a question about why this ad would be a problem? There is a whole subculture surrounding "chicks with dicks" that's been around for far longer than the current state of affairs regarding what medical sciene has enabled those who truly want or need to change their gender are able to accomplish. Events like Drag Queen Bingo nights are popular all over the US, Thailand has a whole sex trade based on attractive women who happen to be hung, and yes it's clearly a fetish but one that's enjoyed by people of all genders that I know of. Conversely, it offends people of all genders/orientations too - not everyone is into everything. I saw the topic and clicked preparing to be offended, but I found the ad chuckle-worthy and in good taste. It doesn't mean I am downplaying the struggle that LBGT people face at all. I can respect their plight and still find humor in an ad like this. Not everything warrants a crusade. At this point it feels like everyone is combing over Cyberpunk 2077 to try and scrub it and shape it into their idea of what's "right." But it's a piece of art - we don't get to assume creative control over it, and something as simple as a poster in the background really isn't an attack on anyone's beliefs in this case. Mix it up, as the poster says! Have some fun!


GamingThread DICE Celebrates Battlefield V's Launch With #EveryonesBattlefield, r/Battlefields Goes Up In Flames
Reason User Warned: Derogatory Language
I have noticed that I get revived a lot less when I set my soldiers to use female characters than when I set them to male. I think it's absolutely stupid and childish that these kids are so upset about female soldiers in their war games that they'll actually put themselves and their team at a disadvantage because of it. I need to make a video of this but that's time taken away from fun things I could actually be doing. EDIT - removed certain terminology from my post. Sorry about that!