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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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EtcetEraThread Doug Ford: Canada doesn't have 'systemic, deep roots' of racism that U.S. does
Reason User Banned (3 Months): Dismissive commentary around racial issues across multiple posts, prior ban for sexist rhetoric
That is just factually wrong, but they certainly have (for the most part) grown out of it while America clearly has not. Every major city in Canada is a beautiful melting pot in my experience. Francophones vs Anglophones in Quebec like honestly tends to be the bigger issue there. There are of course individuals that are exceptions to this, but broadly speaking Canada is doing a superb job considering how multicultural it is. Like, considerably better than every other multicultural country out there. Support for their first nation peoples is still the most major area they could improve, but I'd argue that it is still leaps and bounds ahead of where America is with its own native population.


EtcetEraThread 2018-19 Season TV Cancellations/Pilots: Netflix decides that nobody is gonna sit on Ryan Gosling's face
Reason S1 User banned (1 week): sexist rhetoric
While it may have been "self-made" in the past, that's absolutely not happening in the industry of today. There are a shitload of mediocre women who are being advanced at a rapid pace to fill these higher positions where previously the pool was astronomically small. I have several younger male friends who are still stuck as Writer's Assistants while their female peers are already at the co-producer or supervising producer level.


EtcetEraThread NYT: We Sat Down With the 'Arrested Development' Cast. It Got Raw
Reason User banned (3 days): Attempting to religitate prior ban
Thank you to all the people who have been kind and supportive of me in this thread. I guess the one day ban was either lifted or only lasted a few hours or something -- whatever the case, I think it's pretty ridiculous that I was banned for my posts in this topic. Unlike some other posters, I didn't personally attack anyone or try to dismiss their personal experiences. Just discuss the subject of the topic in a civilized manner using my own experiences to support my arguments. But it's clear that the moderation team here doesn't want a real discussion with differing viewpoints to take place, just a dog pile of judgment. One poster on the last page said I shouldn't have to "recede out of the internet", but I think it'd be unwise of me to stay here in this topic any longer -- because it's simply not worth it, I don't want to catch additional bans over this discussion. And I think my continued presence is derailing the thread, and for that I truly apologize. So I won't be replying (other than this general reply) to each of the people who quoted me, even though I normally would. On the actual topic, the last thing I'll say is that Bateman's apology is about the best anyone could reasonably hope for. I don't know what else people would want out of him at this point. And now I'll let you guys get back to your dog pile.


EtcetEraThread NYT: We Sat Down With the 'Arrested Development' Cast. It Got Raw
Reason User Banned (1 Day): downplaying abuse as "normal"
I'm not missing it, and I somewhat addressed it in another post. Basically, It's not the norm for her, as an actress, to be on the receiving end. It absolutely is the norm for most other people in Hollywood. And I've personally witnessed actors and actresses reaming out directors, writers, and producers in absolutely terrible ways too. They're just treated in a, typically, better way. A lot of people are similarly missing that while this clearly affected Walter, she says she would work again with Tambor no problem, that he apologized, and that she let it go -- and wants to continue to be friends with him even (something truly not required by actors at all). Because she's a total class act and also a professional. It sucks to compartmentalize some ire you drew from some random fuckhead who had to scream at you for some almost certainly unimportant reason, and like I said, I know that from first hand experience... but you have to have your cry, tell your close friend, and then move on. Just like she's clearly doing. She's certainly had more experience in the industry than me, but in a completely different way. As someone working in the industry, I don't think my insights are invalid just because she's a prolific actress. And it somewhat highlights an aspect of what I'm saying in that people pay attention to actors but not the other people in the Industry... which is most of it.