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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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EtcetEraThread The Intercept: Time’s Up Said It Could Not Fund a #MeToo Allegation Against Joe Biden, Citing Its Nonprofit Status and His Presidential Run
Reason User banned (1 week): Hostility, harassment and inflammatory accusations over a series of posts and across multiple threads.
I'm getting sick and fucking tired of you running interference for Biden across every thread that involves Tara Reade's accusation of rape, calling for proof and more evidence despite the multiple allegations of inappropriate touching and harassment other women have also reported. Many of which is brazenly done on camera, in front of the rest of the world (some linked above). You've been downplaying her accusation since it showed up and no amount of "other people are saying/according to them" is going to change that. I see you. Turns out all of that is complete and utter bullshit and that you don't actually care about victims of abuse. You care more about burying a story to protect our probable nominee because you value that more than giving accusers a voice.