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"Are these alt posts just vying for 'craven post of the day' on kiwi farms or something?"

Stillmatic's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread CNBC: Stan Lee's daughter: 'No one could have treated my father worse than Marvel and Disney's executives'
Reason User banned (3 days): misrepresenting and antagonizing users over multiple posts
Disney to Sony: We want 50% of day 1 profits, 45% more than our current contract with you guys Sony: No Fans: 'Fuck you Sony', 'Arrogant Sony', 'Let's boycott Sony products' etc etc --- Stand Lee's Daughter: No one could have treated my father worse the Marvel and Disney execs Fans: She's a garbage person herself, everyone ignore her Damn. Don't mess with Disney/Marvel fans.


GamingThread Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Review Thread
Reason User Warned: Platform war drive-by post.
Higher standards on PS4. Edit: Received a warning: It was a Joke. Playing Ada at their own game by posting something just as ridiculous as their other posts in this thread.