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"[mod edit] this isn't the thread to share your fetishes, thank you!"

Starlatine's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Do you think adaptive triggers and advanced haptic feedback will just be a next gen fad, or will they become a paradigm shift like rumble?
Reason User Banned (3 days): Antagonizing other members
Its certainly more fun than a company apologist If you want to know if a thing will be a fad or not you wait and see, you don't claim its not before it even started And before you pull anything, i wish it werent, just like i wish gyro was more used. The touchpad for map and menu navigation was a game changer, but it turned into a glorified giant extra button. It all depends on mass adoption, not wishful thinking. And unless all major companies jump on a feature, history dictates that said feature will be used for a while, then dropped for being extra effort with little reward


GamingThread Port of Wonderful101 for Xbox One was discarded because the engine for the console was "too different"
Reason User banned(1 day): Hostility to other posters
""You're gonna get a fresh new look in Switch, with kits and player lists and all of that," McHardy said, when asked what the Switch's Legacy version of the game would entail. "But you're not going to be getting Volta or any of the big new features." " "I wouldn't say it's the end [of parity], necessarily for Switch, we don't know what the future holds," McHardy concluded. " that was given to us, and I think that philosophy will stay true. Where it goes in the future, we don't know." Sorry for overestimating your intelligence and thinking you weren't arguing in bad faith though.


GamingThread Jeremy Horwitz: VR's Super Mario 64 Moment is ASTRO BOT for PSVR
Reason User Warned: Please avoid thread whining. We recommend you either report such thread or don't engage at all
so we're getting a thread every time this horwitz guy say something hyperbolic regarding VR?


GamingThread Microsoft has a problem with Xbox that it can't buy its way out of..
Reason User Warned: Driveby post that adds nothing to the thread
Is this the weekly Xbox is doomed thread Four years. Four years claiming Microsoft is going to kill the xbox division next month and put out all their games on other consoles. Four years being wrong. Don't you folks ever get tired of this? It's even more baffling when people say gamepass is the biggest indicator they're going to go PS4/switch because "streaming". Do you people even know what gamepass is?


GamingThread State Of Decay 2 Still Feels Rough, Despite Some Promising Ideas
Reason User Warned: Antagonizing other users.
I'm sure all the fine folks concerned here are just waiting for their chance to use the beloved w10 store and play SoD2 to their hearts content while giving it a fair chance, don't worry