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"We do not allow our members to make claims or arguments not based on reality"

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EtcetEraThread DatingEra - This isn't like one of your animes
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Engaging in unacceptable misconduct.
Now that my dad has recovered from kidney failure and that i put that last relationship fully behind me. I feel like in a state of trying dating again but i set some new rules to make sure i wont get fooled again by ppl lying about their true age. If i meet a foreign person online i wanna see id card. Cuz seriuously i aint going through that blind faith nonsense ever again turned out my last gf lied about her age that literally is the reason i am clear and fine she told everyone the truth and relationship ended and we blocked each other and moved on. So yeah thats why i make sure next time to ask for a confirmation of age sure it might sound silly but its better to avoid this ever happening again. And besides i dont think its that weird if the person is met online and lives far away. If they ask why ill just say the truth. Personally as i soon have a job again ill probably just go to local bars i prefer that way over dating sites those just feel a bit forced to me i prefer meetin someone irl. Thats why i am actually glad to have a job finally soon so that i put myself out more. It probably wont be that hard to find someone since i am quite good looking other people say so too. And i agree tbh. Yeah i am glad that rollercoaster got resolved and i ofcourse learned my lesson. To always freakin ask for proof of age with long distance relationships. She lied btw cuz she knew i would not date her if she told her true age so when after months she finally told the truth i was like sorry cant do this and made sure her family knew what happened so she would not try to get me back or anything like that and also can just move on with her life. I forgave her cuz young peeps do stupid shit all the time and i shouldve asked for proof of her age. Honestly my dad gettin a kidney transplant around the time of this drama happening was a good timing so i could focus on him and mentally sort myself out to make sure this wont happen twice as in another time. Its not like i am proud of it. And i am glad it got sorted out in a way both of us can move on. My dad jokes well next time squiddo make sure they are 18+ and while he makes light of the situation i agree like askin proof of age is not that crazy. I know that as a pretty good lookin fella teen girls could get interested too and ill make sure to never make that mistake again and be fooled by that age lie ever again. As i said earlier when in doubt ill ask for id or passport. Better be safe then sorry and end up in jail. This time i was lucky as ppl understood the situation and it was a eye opener to be more open eyed. No matter what never ever ill date someone under legal age again and drop my guard down. I have got it printed in my head "Squiddo ask proof of age before dating no matter what" and thats exactly what my dad told me he even said well if they are from anothrr country let them come to you or have em send a pic of their id before you start a relationship. Sorry for the rambling but yeah just wanted to be honest about what happened and i posted earlier about it on era so might aswell have a full post about it to clear it up incase it ever backfires me somehow. Random selfie of me since i dont like lying and talking bs. But yeah i promised myself to never make that mistake again and o am very glad the situation ended decently for us both. I am not mad tbh at all just dissapointed in myself i got fooled and shouldve been more carefull and just asked for her damn id or something. But tbh while i wont use it as a full excuse my dad was horribly ill at the time so i let my guard down a lil. My family and friends say shit happens and as she lied about her age your not fully to blame sure it was stupid of you but dont worry just make sure next time to check better and get that age proof and all is fine dont stress to much about it. While i agree with them i still feel shit about it all but tbh i think thats actually a good thing wich will make sure i am more aware next time with meetin ppl online. Its been like 6 months now and i finally can move on mentally and personally from the mess what happened. In that time i helped my dad with his recovery and made sure to think of things and how to handle things better and more adult like in the future. I also admire my family and friends and other peeps they were really supportive. I actually had suicide thoughts at first cuz i felt like i was a huge failure but words of my family and friends made me reconsider that thought. Sure it will always taunt me in a way but its not worth takin my life for. That taunt can actually work in a good way wich means being more carefull with dating. Tbh believe me even admitting this all is hard for me but tbh i dont wanna lie about it cuz thats worse. Tbh in the end both of us are too blame and i accept that. We both were really stupid and thats saying it nicely. Tbh i am thankfull for her and her family that they gave me a second chance basically cuz otherwise i could actually be in jail. Honestly thats why i am not mad at her or have hsrd feelings she told the full truth about the situation. And dw we blocked each other forever. A while ago she contacted me dispite that and wanted to be friends but i said its better to just leave this all behind us. Like i couldve said yes but this time i wanted to make a good decision and i think cutting of contact with this girl is just that. I ofcourse told her why its better and she understood luckily. Now im done rambling truly sorry xd but might aswell tell the whole truth as i posted earlier about it in this thread and on era. Personally i am really thankfull of the peeps that supported me i might have not be here without em. Believe me i am not proud this all happened and itll stick with me forever. Tbh i am crying a little now cuz tbh my dad kinda saved my life on this one while he was deadly ill he was the most relaxed about it all. And was like son dont fret it shit happens just make sure to be more cautiones nex time you are no pedo this could happen to anyone son dont let it consume you. Well thats all its my own burden to life with but yeah i can give it a place now and be a better and more carefull person. But yep squiddo ask for that damn id before you date online or long distance. And tbh even irl when in doubt while going out better be safe than sorry. Sorry for the big post but i felt like atleast fully typing this out especially since i talked about it earlier on era without much context wich actually can work out badly. But yeah not proud that i dated a minor. I truly shouldve asked for proof age. It was stupid as fuck of me. But its a very hard life lesson for me. Ill make sure it never happens again even not by being fooled or lied to. Like if someone doesnt want to show their id or passport or amy proof of age that should be a red flag and then immediatly be avoided. Now im done rambling but yeah thats the full story tbh. I really needed to get that out even if it makes me look bad. And i thank my dad for being there for me same for friends and some random peeps. Without them i might have actually ended my life but their support and words of wisdom made me reconsider any suicide attempts i had. Hopefully my post will make people a lil more carefull aswell its better to avoid this kind of situation at all. Its not worth it. Thank you for readin. Cheers.


GamingThread ProJared Allegedly Creeped On, Fished for & Sent Nudes to Fans, including Underaged Fans [UPDATE: NormalBoots disassociates; manipulated fans for sex]
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Advocating Violence
Jail time please inmates know what to do with pedos like that 🤐


GamingThread Nintendo took down a Smash stage containing trans flag and suspended the player that posted it because it was considered a "political statement"
Reason User banned (1 day) - derailing serious topic with platform wars and antagonizing other members
I guess the Sony stans needed a decent reason to bash Nintendo. This is probs a employee mistake like with that one Splatoon 2 incident. If nintendo is so anti lbgtq+ then why is splatoon mega pro towards it.