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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

Spacejaws's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread Joey Chestnut just Rambo'd a guy at the Hot Dog Eating Contest
Reason User threadbanned: inflammatory accusations
On one thread we are denouncing gun ownership as it leads to horrific violence and on another thread pretty much giving someone license to kill over a shove. You can see he is simply annoyed not in fear of his life for fuck sake. People need to be able to restrain themselves better, too many people are happy to resort to violence for fucking anything.


GamingThread Smash Player ZeRo accused of Harassment by Jisu and sending sexual messages to Katie when she was 14 years old (UP: Finally admits to all allegations)
Reason User banner (2 months) - Downplaying attempts to gaslight a victim of sexual harassment, whataboutism. the responses and I don't see flat out lying? The first response doesnt even say much and is him mostly just claiming the were on friendly terms and he wouldn't outright share hentai publicly which has been disputed with discord which I can see why that space would be considered differently in his mind(still wrong). I'm part of discords where my friends share hentai but we would never ever look at it together in the same room, and his second response is about an exact time sharing it in a friendly space, again I feel what he means is he wouldn't just whip out hentai with strangers, he seems to say it was not odd for him to send some to M2K. I can kinda believe him thinking this shit is normal and not realising how much he is affecting everyone else. He was an immature 19 year old who didn't know better and to be honest still completely immature. The Katie stuff is heinous and he admits that, I didn't read a lie unless I missed something. There is murkiness as to when he knew she was underage and what he asked her to do when underage. That's important I think. It's good this is coming out and at this point I think he needs to try and take an active stance against his own fans from attacking people, I don't know how to do that but trying to trace usernames and put bans in discords, twitter or streams or whatever then his fans might be more reserved if they knew he was actively looking to ban people in someway, even if he is pretty much canceled at this point. Other than that I don't know what he can do to hold them back. Now why I say this is not really to defend him or anything, but I do think it's strange this is the top drama right now, when others are accused of much much worse. Acutal rape, stautory rape, apparently keeping vunerable minors as sex slaves and members of the community keeping it close to heart. There is so much fucking worse going on than Zero at the moment unless I've missed a response or something. His worst enemy seems to be himself. I'm interested to know what Jisu has next though, she deserves an apology and not just from Zero but everyone in that house who know this was going on but I don't think Zero is outright lying, I think he's a thicko that didn't realise any of his behaviour was troublesome. He's not a mastermind pulling the strings and his first response shows how stupid he is thinking that 'look we are friendly' was the crux of the issue. My stance does flip a lot though depending on if he knew the age of Katie when asking the ice cube thing. I don't think I gathered that from the screenshots.