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"This thread seems to have gone off the rails. Give us a bit to sort this out."

Sophia's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Nintendo files multimillion-dollar lawsuit against ROM website, RomUniverse
Red Text Just as a reminder: admitting to or discussing ways to pirate material is against ResetEra's terms of service. Any member doing such will be banned.


EtcetEraThread I just read about otherkin, those who claim they are. Are they roleplaying or do they actually believe in it?
Red Text This topic is closed to further replies, as the discussion has led to inflammatory comments surrounding gender identity.


GamingThread ThQ Nordic Gamescom Live Stream Discussion (see staff post)
Red Text In February 2019, THQ Nordic did an AMA on a website then known for doxing, harassment, and alt-right hatred. The head of their marketing department and at least one top executive was involved. THQ Nordic issued an apology but took no other action. That same website later gained worldwide attention after radicalizing multiple mass shooters who targeted ethnic and religious minorities, killing dozens. In August 2019 the site was shunned by service providers and taken off the conventional internet.


GamingThread ProJared Allegedly Creeped On, Fished for & Sent Nudes to Fans, including Underaged Fans [UP: ProJared responds, see threadmarks]
Red Text We're going to lock this thread for now. Please don't bump threads just to string people along. If there's new information regarding this topic, feel free to make a new thread on the subject.


GamingThread Mike Pondsmith's (Cyberpunk 2020 creator) response to some Cyberpunk 2077 criticism (accuracy to his orig. work, race representation) [see staff post]
Red Text Due to the high volume of reports this thread is generating, we are temporarily locking it pending review.


GamingThread Ghostwire director Ikumi Nakamura has developed quite the fan art following [see staff posts]
Red Text In case it was not clear already from the posts we have banned, drive-bys and trolling in any direction are not allowed here. This includes but is not limited to:


GamingThread Nintendo opening new retail store in Israel this summer
Red Text This thread has quickly derailed from being about the store and isn't likely to produce worthwhile discussions. Therefore, we're going to lock it.


GamingThread Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers announced (PS4/Switch, Musou, Atlus x Koei Tecmo) (See Staff Post)
Red Text Please stay on topic. This is not the thread to discuss or complain about a hypothetical port of Persona 5 on the Nintendo Switch. Thanks!


GamingThread Frank Cifaldi GDC talk: "It's Still Emulation: Saving Video Game History Before It's Too Late"
Red Text This topic is about emulation and how it relates to video game preservation. Please stop derailing this topic with unrelated commentary about something else, thanks!