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EtcetEraThread NCAA announces they will pull events from any state that bans trans athletes
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Concern Trolling; Account in Junior Phase
I have a lot of questions about this, as I‘m not well informed about this topic. But first off, I think this is really good news and a very important step into the right direction. Fuck everyone that prohibits other people to participate in some kind of sport. People have it hard enough to come out. My questions are: Where does trans athleticism (not even sure about the term, I‘m sorry) stand right now in general? In sports, are trans athletes better than other athletes (regarding the gender they converted to)? Some people have been speculating that this might the case (at least from some media I read a long time ago, but there was no scientific research behind it that gave some truth to the claim). And if (if those athletes perform better by an overwhelming amount), is there at least an approach in existence to make it possible that trans athletes have the possibility to perform in their own groups against other trans athletes? And if it’s the primary approach right now, let me tell you - I have nothing against the idea to watch trans athletes give their all against another group of trans athletes for example. I’ll make the popcorn ready in a minute! I‘m really sorry if something sounds off. In my country, trans athleticism isn’t really a big thing. I don’t even know about one athlete in my country that is trans actually. I want to dig into this and be more informed about it.


EtcetEraThread BBC: Rare, detailed account of Organized Rape/Gang Rape inside Uighur detention camps in China, where men in suits pick out women in line-ups
Reason User banned (duration pending): Inflammatory Rhetoric
Whole world is watching. Nobody is doing anything against the situation and the way Uighurs are being treated (sure, why would you want to lose your own life without being able to change anything? Nobody can fuck with Chinas policies). And this is just one of many communities or groups that get the „re-education-treatment“ I guess. Always remember how privileged you are in life when you don‘t have a certain origin or background that others don‘t like. Break them with rape, murder and justify it with the correct propaganda and cover ups. Was reading and talking about this topic for months with others. But this article definitely broke something in me. Just horrible. China needs to get nuked from this planet. But the power and influence is just too strong already. Watching all this will remain a big stain in human history. But that doesn‘t matter. Because we don’t really learn from history at all. And lastly, the world will only keep on watching anyways.