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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

Slam Tilt's Actioned Posts



GamingThread THQ Nordic teases two game announcements at E3 [READ STAFF POST]
Reason User Banned (duration pending): dismissing concerns surrounding pedophilia
I don't claim to know everything about the AMA or 8chan, but I think "a known den of literal child pornography, in a way that makes it's extremely known that you know full well what 8chan is" carries with it a high burden of proof. Does 8chan put a banner on their homepage that says "pedophiles welcome here"? Or is this a case of some clueless schmuck in marketing who just figures "according to my kid's friends, it's some web site that's popular with a lot of our players"? Because my brief encounters with online marketing people tells me that they can be dense.


GamingThread Why are people so angry about Dragon Quest XI S?
Reason User Banned (duration pending): Thread whining, inflammatory false equivalence to drive system wars, accumulated infractions
"When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression." --This thread in a nutshell


GamingThread Nintendo explains why E3 is still important and why it will continue to attend; E3 gets more engagement than any other event
Reason User Banned (1 week): System warring, history of similar behaviour.
I don't think Sony was ever worried about this before.


GamingThread Etika gives very passionate speech after getting banned from Twitter for saying the N word
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Inflammatory point of comparison and attempting to dictate the terms of reclaimed language
Count me among the folks who'd rather see no one using the word. To me it's just a sign of bad manners, like going to a formal event in a soiled and torn T-shirt.


GamingThread NPD July 2018: Octopath Traveler #1, Switch Best Selling Console
Reason User banned (1 week): system warring, a history of similar behavior
But I thought Sony moneyhats only lived in the fevered imaginations of crazy people...


GamingThread Capcom: MHWorld won't be ported to Switch but will develop future entries especially for the console
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Repeated system warring
Gosh, if only the Switch was capable of running an open-world action game with massive enemies and real-time combat... But hey, gotta keep Sugar Daddy Sony happy.


GamingThread Jeff Minter still haven't made a penny from 'Polybius' on PS4/PSVR since launch last year
Reason User Warned: Console Warring
Yup. Look at all the “Indie dev announced Switch version of game outsold all other versions” success stories — you can find them by the sound of HD Fanboys(tm) gnashing their teeth and downplaying the accomplishments. Being exclusive to PlayStation is even worse, because the user base is all into “cinematic experiences” with scruffy macho men, which is diametrically opposite to the Minter aesthetic.