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EtcetEra HangoutsThread Manga |OT|: No matter how I look at it, it's discord's fault we're not popular
Reason User Banned (1 month): hostility, ignoring the modpost
Since you've clearly read my PM I sent after you asked to send moderation complaints privately and there is no answer despite me trying to keep this private, Imma be real damn clear and real damn public here. Simply put, it's a BAD FUCKING LOOK for you to be not just a moderator but an administrator on this site that claims to have strict rules on piracy and do what you did to the SJ thread. This is a site where piracy in general is frowned upon and people can get banned or threads can be closed for the mere suggestion that they've done it no matter the reasons or circumstances. We can see an example of it here in this thread with people reminiscing about emulation that you personally closed because it amounted to admission and/or advocating of piracy. Yet you're the same admin who looks the other way on many manga threads whose foundations are built on this because of the history of late manga localizations. Not only that, you actively admit to piracy yourself weekly in these threads. The time people brought up the hypocrisy in the way the site has handled manga piracy and the way discussion of illegal chapters has been normalized, you ducked out of the conversation. That's a bad look on its own, a worse one when we consider the thread linked above that you closed yourself. You are a hypocrite as an admin. And now, I make one manga thread on this site where the rules of this site are actually respected, one thread that can legitimately be taken seriously on this front while not having to disrupt the rules and habits in other threads and that's the one thread you close? Because apparently, that one is redundant despite the clear support it's had and despite the fact that you didn't even give it a chance to settle in yet all these other threads normalizing discussion of illegally released material that those who prefer reading officially have to steer clear from are fine and you let those fly, actively partaking yourself? It's fine to be a hypocrite but it's not fine to have a thread about a particular magazine? I'll say it again. It is a bad fucking look for you to do what you've done. It's hard to take you seriously as an administrator of this site. If this is somehow bannable despite just wanting a thread for discussion of legally released material and despite me telling you this privately and you not responding, then whatever, you've already lost whatever credibility you had in my eyes anyway.