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GamingThread TBT to when Naughty Dog casted a white girl doing a accent as a South African black woman and said she was better than actual SouthAfrican black women
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Dismissive commentary in a sensitive thread. Something can still be an issue worth discussing even if other cases are more egregious.
I think it's a bit strange to treat VA the same as IRL acting when it comes to things like this. This isn't even a GHOST IN THE SHELL caliber blunder, considering the model was finalized after she was cast. Ideally, I would have loved for a black VA to get the shine that comes from starring in a ND joint, but I'm not going to kill the studio for . I hope we get a black lead in a ND game. They're games cross over in a way that so few do, so it would be a great look. IW brought Gaz back as a black British dude and they survived. No more excuses in this industry.