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"There's a protected class of users that post a lot and will drown out all dissent. Any form of arguing with them always leads to a ban. --Skyrim, Verified GameDev"

Shogun's Actioned Posts



GamingThread NYPD on Twitter: "We regret to inform that Desmond Amofah aka Etika has been found deceased." (See guidelines before posting)
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Excusing the use of hate speech and slurs
As you get older in life you really do start to understand that words....well are just words. Without any intent they hold no power. Problem we have on here is that everything has to be Black and White. People are too desperate to be seen as progressive and want to wear that shit like a brownie badge. Etika isn't defined by an outburst. You can be critical of said outburst but at the same time if you really are progressive, really have empathy then try and understand the ''WHY''. A young man has felt the need to take his own life because he could see no other way out, that needs to be the real story here.


GamingThread Tim Sweeny: Soon you will see lower prices on Epic Games Store
Reason User Banned (5 days): Personal attack and antagonising another user over multiple posts
Nahh. I've seen posters in the past say Nome had worked on something pretty big and something that lots had played so was curious, turns out it's League of Legends?. Guess it's a good job you still aren't mod.


GamingThread Aaron Greenberg: We’re finding the world’s greatest teams and allowing them to operate independently
Reason User Warned - community whining and cross-forum baggage
This place is possibly worse than GAF when it comes to shitting up threads. A sentence I never thought I would write when this site first formed. Personally think MS have a long way to go to gain back the lost customers this gen and they really need to bring the exclusives hits that compete with both Sony and Nintendo.


GamingThread Polygon: Tyler "Ninja" Blevins explains why he doesn't stream with women
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Dismissing sexism.
Not really. Ninja has no obligation what so ever to stream with women/men nor does he have an obligation to put them in the spotlight or elevate their streams in any way shape or form. Why should it fall on Ninja's shoulders to advertise other streamers on his own stream when he's built the whole thing himself? The example you gave is pointing towards sexual harassment in the workplace this isn't the same thing. Now if he had been previously streaming with women and now admitted he has stopped doing so because of potential twitch bullshit then that would be some serious shady behaviour. However we can't keep holding these popular streamers as some beacon of light, they grew with their communities and the communities grew with them. In a sense they are victims of their own success.