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Gaming HangoutsThread Azur Lane |OT| I'm USS Big Wasp Yo, friends call me bumblebee adult it.
Red Text We have received concerns about the content of this game via the report system. After investigating, this game contains content that is not suitable for our forum and violates our policies. It has now been added to our banned games list, which you can find in our


GamingThread Shenmue III is exclusive to the Epic Games Store, won't be coming to Steam (Info in Threadmark) [READ STAFF POSTS BEFORE POSTING]
Red Text Given the volatility in recent Epic Game Store related threads we have decided that some clearer guidelines are required to cultivate healthier discussion.


EtcetEraThread Alt-Right attacks Star Wars fan for Reaction Video; Mark Hamill and fans come in to support him. (See Staff Post)
Red Text After reviewing this thread we have lifted a ban and would like to make something clear: We understand that the connotations of the "c word" can vary wildly by country, but there are plenty of other words you can use to describe terrible people. It is never okay to use it specifically as a gendered insult, no matter who the target is. In general we ask that you use different language and be considerate of those who live in places where it's highly offensive to refer to women in such a way.


GamingThread Yuzu Emulator (Switch) now runs Mario Odyssey at 50-60fps, One Piece at 60
Red Text Thread rebooted. This is a thread about a technical achievement, for members who wish to discuss legal emulation. This is not a piracy thread. If you wish to create a separate thread about potential Nintendo Switch piracy you may do so. Everyone should avoid cross commentary on other threads and stick strictly to the topic at hand please.


GamingThread Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account makes transphobic joke (READ OP)
Red Text The discussion has largely moved on from the Tweet in question and is mostly metacommentary now, so it appears that the thread has finally run its course.


GamingThread Life is Strange 2 - Reveal Trailer (Read OP)
Red Text This thread should not be used to pit equality movements against each other. It's okay to be pleased with the reveal, and it's okay to be disappointed by the reveal. Be respectful of other opinions and do not make things hostile.


EtcetEraThread YouTuber Grace Randolph goes on racist rant at the casting of Tessa Thompson in "Lady & the Tramp"
Red Text We're not interested in providing a platform for Grace Rudolph's content.


EtcetEraThread GQ: The untold story of Otto Warmbier, the American who died at the hands of DPRK
Red Text Let's try this again. Please be considerate with your posts. Please be respectful of human life. Please do not derail this thread.


EtcetEraThread Era's Woman Problem (Read OP)
Red Text It’s been really good having this discussion in the open and we think that the opportunity to have the dialogue has benefited the community overall. At this time however it seems to have run its course; the conversations are going in circles and becoming overshadowed by increasing hostility. We mentioned previously that we would lock the thread if it came to that point and that point appears to have come. We hope that everyone will look past any personal animus and think seriously about the issues and perspectives raised by this thread. We certainly will


EtcetEraThread "Channel Not So Awesome" - Ex-contributors of Channel Awesome detail a history of abuse (READ OP)
Red Text Addressing the latest development, Holly Christine, former HR manager of CA, has confirmed the incident on Twitter: Because this appears to be a reliable source it is fair game for discussion. HOWEVER this is not a license to play internet detective; the previous rules still apply. Please make sure any additional information you post is verified or comes from verified sources. Considering the scope of the scandal, there is bound to be a lot of misinformation going around on social media. It’s understandable that emotions are running high, but please respect the victims and also keep the family of the accused out of this. This is a highly charged situation but we hope that the discussion can continue calmly within these guidelines.


EtcetEraThread Jordan Peterson - The "Intellectual" We Deserve
Red Text The OP has persuasively petitioned to have this thread reopened on the grounds that it has been educational and productive for two months now. As such, we are retracting the previous mod post. In order to avoid having the same discussions ongoing in separate threads, and to avoid giving Jordan Peterson more attention than he deserves, we ask that his frequent outrageous statements be contained here. This is an exception to our rule on megathreads. A separate thread on JP should only be created for exceptional and unusual news. We apologize for the prior confusion.


EtcetEra HangoutsThread Star Wars |OT| New Canon, New Forum [NO IX SPOILERS]
Red Text Yeah, I see the community here wants no spoilers at all, so avoid posting any in the future, please consider that some people want to go into the movie completely blind. Any further posting of spoilers will result in a temp ban.


GamingThread Twin Mirror (PS4/XB1/PC) Just Announced (DONTNOD/Bandai Namco)
Red Text Thread rebooted. An inelegantly phrased post led to a food fight in the previous thread. Some fans of Dontnod really connected with the likes of Max Caulfield, and miss the novelty of a female protagonist. That's nothing worth getting worked up over, and it shouldn't become the focus of the thread. Please keep things civil and on topic.


GamingThread Resident Evil 2 Remake Gameplay Videos from E3 2018 & Discussion
Red Text Merged that new thread on the new released gameplay footage with this one. It didn't really show anything new and we already have this thread discussing the game.