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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

Sean Mirrsen's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Escape From Tarkov will not feature female playable characters for "lore reasons" and a lack of animations
Reason User banned (2 months): sexism
I am likely going to get modded for this, but I have to get the thought out. Do we actually women to be represented in a combat zone? And if we do, why don't we represent children in the combat zone as well? Hell knows there's all too many of them out there. edit: Speaking as a Russian, I'd like people to know that we lost way too many to the war. If you'll excuse us, some of us hate to see being lost to it. Whether they want to or not.


GamingThread We need to talk about how toxic discussing the Epic Games Store is when it comes to accusations and insults (Read OP and Threadmarks Before Posting)
Reason User banned (2 weeks): rationalizing and justifying toxicity, personal attacks and extreme hostility over a series of posts in the thread
Is there any other way to discourage things from going in that direction? Especially given that the only 'normal' way, just deciding not to buy the game, is rendered absolutely ineffective by Epic forepaying the publishers for missed sales? It's not impossible to see how some developers may be discouraged to go for the deals, knowing how much toxicity can be thrown their way should they do it. Epic Games provides insurance against the passive and morally correct "will not buy your game" protests, and they deny users the ability to voice displeasure on their store, but they can't shield the devs and publishers from backlash outside of their platform. Just like with user reviews and review bombs, if you leave them no other choice people will go for it, and they'll do it because it works.


GamingThread Tetris Effect coming to PC on July 23rd (4K, Rift/Vive VR support) - exclusive to Epic Games Store (see staff post)
Reason User Warned: Trolling
If forced to choose between being a part of Epic's Game Store ecosystem, and buying a PS4 for this game alone, I would gladly buy a PS4. That would at least not be a waste of money. But good to see it at least pretending to be on PC. Heh, I can certainly think of a good excuse.


GamingThread Nintendo hits popular homebrew YouTuber, Modern Vintage Gamer, with numerous copyright claims forcing him to stop making Switch homebrew videos.
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Thread Derailment; Inflammatory False Equivalences
Can we do the inverse as well, ban people who deny that homebrew is the first step to piracy? It starts with homebrew. Like owning a gun is the first step to shooting someone - doesn't guarantee it, but literally can't happen otherwise.


GamingThread GENESIS ALPHA ONE |OT| In space, no one can hear you build. And mine. And clone.
Reason User Warned: Derailing OT with unrelated discussion about game stores
Releases in January 2020, so still a ways off. It does look at least interesting in concept though. Hopefully a year is enough to get it out of early access.