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GamingThread Ooblets will be exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC
Reason User Banned (1 week): Excusing harassment and threats
A bit "late to the party" on this one, but despite how vile, hateful, and disproportionate these responses are towards the devs, I'm finding it hard to muster up much sympathy for them after their initial blog post. It reads so condescending and antagonistic, and despite making it clear that they're aware of how people feel about the EGS, the post somehow still comes off as completely tone-deaf to the situation. Hand-waving away some of the genuine criticisms people have towards Epic, their store, and how they conduct business, and then making some false-equivalencies about getting mad at things that "really" matter and telling you to get some perspective, despite this still being a product (video games are still products, right??), they just kind of come off like dicks. Bookending the whole thing with a gif of the Ooblets character flossing, which might as well just be a banner saying "deal with it", is kind of just the perfect, smug cherry on this already hostile sundae. It reminds me a lot of those assholes in high school who antagonize people into a fight, and then when they get hit go "Whoa whoa whoa! What the hell man?!" and act dumbfounded about what just happened. Do I think that they deserve this level of reaction? Of course not; you can disagree with them and call them out on their blog post without resorting to harassment. It's always wrong and there will never be a time when it's warranted. But at the same time, the post feels like it was written with the intention of inflaming people already upset about the EGS, so acting surprised by the blowback and looking for sympathy about the internet being upset with you when you were kind of an asshole to begin with feels really dishonest.