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"We're getting heavily played."

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EtcetEraThread A man from Australia has apparently pirated every single NFT in existence.
Reason User warned: antagonizing other users
Basically what makes an NFT valuable is the development cycle, utility, road map, community, rarity traits, listings on major marketplaces, blockchain, floor price and brand recognition, art itself is like #28 on what makes an NFT worth something. All of these things I've listed are what makes the NFT both valuable and useful, the art itself is a separate conversation, in which there is a full artistic NFT market for people who want to buy these things just for what they literally look like, but what I and most people are linking here are NFTs explicitly crafted to be invested or used as a financial tool one way or another, on top of having a series of uses that are specific to each NFT. Some NFTs you do get the commercial rights for, some NFTs unlock content, some NFTs have programming to change and morph over time, some NFTs can combine into new NFTs, there's really an endless amount of applications you can do with these things. I have personally been involved with designing the utility of a few different NFT collections at this point, and it's really up to the imagination of the creator as to what you can do with NFTs. There a few "standard" financial models for investor-grade NFTs, of which the two major models are algorithmic art and card packs, which most of the ones linked here are algorithmic art NFTs in particular. These algorithmic art NFT collections actually cost like 50-100k to produce and market correctly, and also involve literally like months and months of community building before they are worth anything. It's not money laundering like the dumbasses here are repeating over and over, it's a lot of time and effort to make a high selling NFT collection in 2021. Back in 2017 you could make whatever as an NFT and it could potentially be worth tons later on, but we are far beyond that now, as cryptocurrency technology is evolving rapidly and investors and users expect much more now (like the NFTs actually doing something). I'm personally involved in the floor sweeping operations with an algorithmic art NFT collection right now (which means getting the cheapest NFT in the collection to be higher and higher in price), and it involves a lot ways to increase the value of the NFTs overall, and getting awareness that your NFTs even exist. This is the best selling NFT I've created: Personally I find the people drive-by shitposting here to be extremely lame and likely have no idea what they are talking about


EtcetEraThread 8 killed in shootings, the majority of them Asian women, at 3 Atlanta-area spas (UP: Suspect caught)
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Inappropriate Speculation and Racial Stereotyping in a Sensitive Thread
I'm very morbidly curious if any of these shooting victims will also turn out to be sex trafficking victims