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GamingThread G4's latest host, Indiana “Froskurinn” Black, goes off on sexist YouTube and Twitch commenters
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Sexist Rhetoric
The problem with this is it glosses over the role G4 played in creating a fanbase like that. She even goes as far to say Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb weren't there to be nice on the eyes which was relevant for Webb for the most part but let's be real Munn was very much intended back then to be easy on the eyes and was very sexualized to the point I wouldn't even say she hosted as herself but was playing a character. As were many other characters on AOTS in particular. Bustice anybody? I get that it is much harder to address your employer but G4 went out of their way to create that kind of fanbase so it is hardly just a case of sexist gamers acting on their own. Trying to revive something that created a fanbase like that was unfortunately inevitable to cause problems for the new hosts even if it isn't that kind of show now.


GamingThread The Last of Us Part II - Enhanced Performance Patch | PS5 - Coming for free TODAY [Patch is live]
Reason User Warned - Lazy Dev Rhetoric
Hate that Sony continue to be lazy with patches to their PS4 games instead of native PS5 ports. Even if they don't do visual enhancements even though some minor enhancements wouldn't take much either at the least they could be taking full advantage of the SSD and Dualsense. Patches to PS4 games are too limited.