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"We do not allow our members to make claims or arguments not based on reality"

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GamingThread Polygon: Resident Evil Village has a big vampire lady and fans love her
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Condescending and dismissive commentary towards sexism over multiple posts, misrepresenting legitimate concerns as "kink shaming"
I'm sure that a lot of the people in this thread are very much just having fun or taking the piss, but hey, if we wanna get all serious about it I think there's something kind of nice about a female character who does have sex appeal (nothing wrong with that after all) that doesn't seem to be as pandering to the male gaze as say Trish or Quiet or whatever. There's an... understated quality to her sexiness if that makes sense? Like it's not so ridiculously overt that it's obvious it's just for horny guys and girls but of course she's designed in a way that is compelling, she's a villain (is she?) in a Resident Evil game. Kind of baffled at the weird kink shaming you're doing as well, hell as a gay man i've met a lot of guys who are into eating ass and some people enjoy getting stomped on, whatever two consenting adults do is just fine by me if no one is getting hurt or exploited. Women are beautiful, tall women are beautiful, some guys/girls might react to a videogame character with these qualities in a way that could seem aggressively enthusiastic but fuck man, let them have a bit of levity in the middle of a depressing months long pandemic for fucks sake. Has someone pissed in your corn flakes recently or something?


GamingThread Will we see The Last Night in 2020?
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Downplaying misogyny, trolling
I always find this kind of attitude towards other people reductive in the extreme. Wanting to mass report someone because they might have a different viewpoint or enjoy engaging in something that you disagree with? Jesus christ. Guess what, there's plenty of people who still listen to Michael Jackson, who still play games by Hideo Kojima or who might like and this may shock you but not all of them are complete monsters who should be ostracized. I mean Minecraft is the biggest game in the world and we all know exactly what kind of asshole created that game even if he hasn't been actively involved in the development for a long time now. You want any kids on this forum who play Minecraft to name themselves so they can be "mass reported"? Grow up. I'm not actually interested in this game at all because all we've seen of it is a pretty trailer and i couldn't care less about a game if i don't have the faintest clue of how it actually plays. But i'm not gonna sit here and talk trash at people who may be interested in the same way that i wouldn't trash someone for showing an interest in any kind of consumable product or "artistic work" if you will. There are plenty of things out there, movies, games, books that have themes that i would consider disturbing but will still participate/engage in/with. I will happily fight for the right of this Soret person to make a game based on whatever the hell he wants and if it turns out to be a piece of shit i will judge it accordingly. Who knows, it could be some sort of creative masterpiece. Seems unlikely but hey, stranger things have happened.


GamingThread A Link to the Past: Is this it? I feel like I am missing something
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Attacking the Community, Hostility, and Modwhining Over Multiple Posts in this Thread; Prior Infractions for Similar Behavior
I mean aside from taking the piss at what Resetera has become I might have created less than 5 "proper" threads over the last 2 years or however long I've been registered so you can fuck off, frankly. But this place has become a complete parody of itself already. Between the 2 or 3 threads about Death Stranding that get created daily for every single tiny inconsequential detail that dribbles out of Kojima's mouth and the current trend of these ridiculous "Is Microsoft ruining gaming?" threads there is a definite argument that could be made about tightening up the quality control. It's telling that people in the Xbox Game Studios thread are constantly saying it's the only thread they feel comfortable posting or participating in because the rest of Resetera is a garbage fire of shit.


GamingThread At what point did you believe in Final Fantasy VII Remake?
Reason User warned: thread whining
At what point did i believe that these "At what point did you believe in " threads were the most worthless things in existence? Coincidentally the exact same time i realised that as lock happy as the mods can sometimes be on this site they are apparently fine with there being 438 different threads on every single tedious individual detail of Death fucking Stranding instead of perhaps encouraging people to take all that discussion into a nice self contained thread rather than making a new one every 5 minutes.


GamingThread People started farming XP using Story Creator for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Ubisoft issues Statement
Reason User Banned (1 day): hostility
Ok so you're just going to wilfully ignore all the inconsistencies in all of your posts, got it. There's no reasonable discussion to be had with someone who has wrong opinions on games they haven't played who when having had these misconceptions corrected by people who have, you know, actually have played these games then just talks around in vague circles instead of admitting maybe they got some things wrong. I have to say though, this new assertion that Ubisoft are "easing people in to the new model" thing is kind of funny. If that's the case then that is a hell of a long con. They've been "easing" players in for the past 7 odd years and however many games its been that i honestly can't be bothered to sit there and count, but it's been a good few now. But now! NOW they strike and show their true greedy scumbag colours! In the most unexpected way possible that no one saw coming: By releasing some free DLC to a game in the latter end of it's life cycle that has gotten all the unreasonable people throwing a massive tantrum. 7 odd years of careful planning and "easing" led to this. What a genius, Machiavellian move. You know what, my first response ended up being the most accurate. You're an idiot.