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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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EtcetEra HangoutsThread One Piece |XIV| A Wano Reborn
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Hostility over multiple posts. Previously actioned for the same behavior
> Says Yamato accomplished nothing > Yamato froze the bombs and was dealing with Kanzenbo > Yamatos Ice Wall prevented Big Mom Bomb explosion from triggering the other frozen bombs > One Bomb nearly blew out half of the entire bottom of Onigashima. So again a lie, you can say you didn't like it but thats not what was said.This way. Kanjuros final act was to make a monster that just wanted to burn stuff down much like Orochi was doing/wanted to do to Wano and the people who wronged his family and whose Vengeful Spirit finally gets orochi when it thinks its mission is done/body destroyed


EtcetEraThread Spoilers
Reason User banned (3 days): blatant spoilers of a brand new chapter in a thread title
This is it after 2 long years since his introduction Yamato has made it to the end nothing is stopping this locomotive from reaching its destination imo. Yamato will be the 10th/11th and final member of the Strawhat Crew. (In the Series Luffy isn't counted) Its been a long long time since Luffy started his journey back in Chapter 1 and uttered his statement: As the years began he slowly add to his precious crew Zoro: Sanji: Usopp & Franky: Brook: After Brook it would be over 10 years before Jinbe joined up to be the 9th Member of the Strawhats pretty much in 901 when Luffy declared to be his captain in 2018. And now nearly 4 years Later Yamato "Kozuki Oden". Son of Kaido will finally be the long awaited member of the strawhat crew From blazing into the story Thunder Baguaing Ulti unconscious and saving Luffy and whisking his future captain alerting him that Yamato has been waiting/knowing about Luffy for many years. Through the years Yamato has beaten many a bad faith arguments and nonsense From Naminess if you just ignore Eyebrows and fucking horns. To that they would Die, what series are you reading? To thye would fall in love with Momonosuke, 1. that fucking gross fucking pedos out there 2. Why would Yamato be sexually attracted to Oden when Yamato has never shown that To no mentor...... To having to stay in Wano to make up for his fathers sins.... Kids should never be blamed for the father deeds and sins just look at Ace That Yamato would give up on his dreams of freedom and leaving Wano to serve Momonosuke..... One Piece is a series about freedom and following your dreams, at really no point has that been discard or discredited, at no point has Yamato ever changed his mind on what they wanted to do but people said he would ignoring what the series is. Yamato left Momo to go fight, planning to go help Luffy fight back Kaido and fight back aganist Kaido his own Father who opressed and chained Yamato to Wano not only in body but Heart Yamato has beaten every single allegation thrown at them, all thats left is the final acceptance and joining of the crew with Luffy. The Path is clear, the sails are ready, its time to set off. Its been quite the journey to see the crew finish for me, been with the series for awhile really since 2004 when 4Kids dubbed the series thats when I found other sites and stuff about One Piece. I was there for the Franky vs Paulie Wars that went up all the way to EL and Frankys Flashback with some fighting afterwards, from Paulie being diffirent kind of pervert from Sanji was an argument you saw back than and his rope skills making things different. To Thriller Bark and Brooks entrance with some arguing for Perona and other nonsense IMO Jinbe was obvious from Impel Down but there was many many people arguing against from too bing, too boring, too experienced, etc (wow same type on nonsense thrown at Yamato) Even when many were for Carrot from here or on the former site, I didn't really think or feel Carrot would be the last member even ask for that. I remember arguing with others like (or a poster like this) or (don't think it was much but I swear there was) saying I never thought Carrot would be one. its been quite the ride but just as One Piece will someday end, so too must the talks of Strawhats joining. If some people asked me why I thought Yamato would be it, well I still say the start with yamato and its introduction the electric entrance the feeling of energy and character radiating off, it felt like a strawhat to me. To end this thread I want to do 3 things 1. Highlight a greta/key moment from the One Piece Anime from Episode 1015 2. I would like to thank everyone who talked about One Piece on here, especially us Yamato fans who been arguing for a boy from the start 3. Just cause I can be petty, from my last threads here some posts


GamingThread Final Fantasy XV Sales Pass 10 Million Copies Worldwide
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Antagonizing Fellow Members over a Series of Posts; History of the Same
You came into a thread just to shitpost mate and hate in a thread and I bet if you search you do it in other XV threads. Again your both pathetic.


EtcetEraThread An Awkward Kiss Changed How I Saw Joe Biden - The #metoo moment we've all seen coming
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Antagonizing other members
Betty a shity know nothing poster