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GamingThread Bleeding Edge Review Thread
Reason User Banned (2 days): trolling
You are correct with what you are saying. But Tameem has been the main vision behind most of their titles, especially the acclaimed ones. "Antoniades described creativity and narrative as "core" to the studio. The team emphasised story over gameplay, believing that if the game's story was well-written and intriguing, the quality of the gameplay would also improve since it would attract players to continue playing." What you're saying is correct but all the scores point to is that said Director's vision was purely gameplay and reviews point to that direction as not solving the game's issues. Not saying it is their fault. But from a reception perspective it's nowhere near the level they typically produce. There's no point in making an excuse for that. Chilled if you like it though? But how much better could this game have been with an actual story? Seems like it was just something cheap to add to Game Pass in truth.


GamingThread PS5 Speculation |OT12| - Aw hell, Transistor's running this again? [Please read 03/16 staff post]
Reason User warned: Trolling
Cerny playing with us, bout to drop that 13 tf deal on us real good. I think the only thing that would make me consider X is the combination of an insane lineup and a single digit Sony Pony. The X reveal didn't wow me at all and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's cause I have no baseline to compare it to rn. Like yeah it's powerful... But what is power.