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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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GamingThread Destiny 2: Season Of The Lost |OT| Which Queen
Reason User warned: Antagonizing another member
And Street Fighter has input shortcuts for doing shoryuken inputs. You can just do a double down-forward input and hit punch and viola, Ryu will shout one of his trademark attacks. You gonna say thats not competitive now? Is it only competitive if its fully assists off? Stop being so stupid for one second.


GamingThread With MS dropping the XBL Gold requirement for FTP games, do you think Sony will drop the PS+ requirement for cloud saves?
Reason User warned: Platform wars
You'll get your dogshit movie pass addition and enjoy it.


GamingThread UK reality TV star gets gifted PS5 by Sony. Sells it for £1200 profit. Brags about it.
Reason User Banned (1week): Inappropriate joke referencing violence
Every Instagram "influencer" needs to be skinned and rolled in salt.


GamingThread LTTP : Sekiro with an Easy Mod, probably end up my fav FromSoft experience
Reason User Banned (3 Days) - Trolling
Its a game not made for weenies and it shows. Parrying isn't too difficult because the game is generally OK with you mashing block during strings of boss attacks, so that argument goes out the window. For example, everyones favourite, Genichiro. You can mash like mad when he does that long multi-hit string and be totally fine. Also the argument of "hurr i want to play my way" is so bad. Analogising it as close to a movie at home vs cinema is dumb. Easy mode is more akin to deciding "No, I want the camera over there so I can see X" instead. You're changing the internal presentation and the message it wants to get across. Sekiro is a game where both you and the enemy are extremely vulnerable, should you understand that you have the tools to make them so. Demeaning its purpose in so many ways by going "No I just want to be able to switch my brain off playing this".


GamingThread Sony needs to clarify the PS4 --> PS5 Cross-Save situation
Reason User Warned: Thread Whining
Do they have to? Just finish your games on the console you started it on if you can't, or just start anew. You could also just delay playthroughs until you've got your new console. I'm so tired of threads like this already. Way too much actual discussion gets shoved out of sight because of things like this.


EtcetEraThread Trying to be more informed about Palestine/Israel
Reason User Banned (5 days): Do not invoke Nazi comparisons in this topic
Nazi's felt it was OK for them to punish other races to create their beloved ethnostate because they felt that they themselves had been punished in the past by their "scheming". Nowadays we've got Israeli politicians calling for the destruction of other races in Palestine to secure a ZIonist ethnostate because apparently Arabs want nothing more than to exterminate all Jews. It might go into complex history of why the two ethnicities have and are clashing, but there's really easy to understand reasons why so many people find the actions of Israel's current government, and even opposition, disgusting. If you can't accept that the actions in Palestine are at their most very basic, ethnic cleansing, you need to rethink your position.


EtcetEraThread Netanyahu pledges West Bank annexation if he is re-elected
Reason User warned: conflating civilians with leadership
Goddamn I fucking hate Israel so much. Shit government, shit people.