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GamingThread J. Schreier: "Don't let billion dollar marketing convince you its a spoiler"
Reason User Banned (Two days): Inflammatory generalizations across a series of posts
Era's Guide to E3 1. If you watch a single trailer that comes out you're complicit in contributing to exploitation of labor given that there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. 2. You stupid mark. How dare you. Don't you know games are a multibillion dollar business? You consumerist piece of shit. 3. Fuck them devs. 4. Spending hours daily to play, read and write about games is ok, but spending 2-3 days a year watching them means you're a fucking idiot. 5. There's no such thing as "surprise." The bourgeoisie made it up. For money. 6. WAKE UP SHEEPLE THEY'RE COMMERCIALS. YOU'RE BEING MINDHAAAAAACKED