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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

Pirate Bae's Actioned Posts



GamingThread PlayStation cancels planned PAX East appearence due to increasing concerns related to Coronavirus [SEE STAFF POST]
Red Text The intent of the staff post was simply to say "stop the personal attacks" which is something that a lot of posters have clearly failed to do. We do not support xenophobia or conspiracy theories. We do not support anti-vaxxer nonsense. Not now, not ever. To say otherwise is insulting and disingenuous.


GamingThread Is anyone else holding off on Borderlands 3 until Steam gets it?
Red Text There are already threads where you can discuss your plans regarding Borderlands 3.


EtcetEraThread TWITCH *cough* celeb Amouranth having an interesting night
Red Text We feel that this thread has run its course. We will consider re-opening it if and when Amouranth or Twitch releases a statement.


EtcetEraThread TWITCH *cough* celeb Amouranth having an interesting night
Red Text Stop with the hostility. If you need to step away to cool off, do so. Otherwise we will moderate accordingly.


EtcetEraThread Bloomberg: Star Wars is Struggling to Win Over the Next Generation of Kids
Red Text This thread is about why the new Star Wars movies may or may not win over the next generation of kids, not about specific tropes and how they are use or perceived. Please get back on topic.


EtcetEraThread AOC to DHS chief: Border agents shared 'Photoshopped images of my violent rape' in secret Facebook group (See staff post)
Red Text References and directions to offsite offensive and NSFW images are off-topic for this thread. Please stick to the topic of discussion from the OP. Thank you.


GamingThread The Sims features an LGBTQ couple on a game cover for the first time ever (SEE STAFF POST)
Red Text Although there is much to be done by the industry in terms of representation, the inclusion of an LGBTQ couple is still a major milestone worth celebrating. Please be respectful when discussing with others and don't try to downplay this event.


GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)
Red Text
Video games are a reflection of societal norms and standards. Video games perpetuate the problems that are normally swept under the rug in real life. "I'd never do that to my wife, I love women! But I'm totally cool with objectifying video game women for my own pleasure." Games, and media in general, definitely make the problem worse. They allow these toxic ideals and behaviors to grow, and you are naive if you think that guys don't actually creep out real women by treating them like waifus and projecting their gross views of sexualization onto them. I know it does,