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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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GamingThread Kojima: Death Stranding Had Stronger Criticism in the US, Possibly Because It Flies Above Shooters
Reason User banned (duration pending): Ableism. Inflammatory behavior. History of related behavior.
what can you expect from a fucked up narcisist that been ass kissed by everyone for decades and a huge portion of its fanbase treat him like hes some kind of god because he made games with retarded stories that have more cutscenes than gameplay. He lilterally tinks his shit doesnt stink, He actually thinks its a fragrance. Its phenomenal how someone can have his head so far up his ass hes practically two headed


EtcetEraThread Ended a relationship 80 days from getting married. Oof.
Reason User banned (2 weeks): misogyny
OP, you definitely need to drop this shitty relationship for good. The universe was throwing all these red flags at you for years and you ignored them. You wound up in this situation, you would think your eyes have been opened. But at the first sign you wanna go back. What do you think the outcome is gonna be? Something different? And in the future you need to act more like a man. Like an alpha in the relationship. You told us how you cleaned the house, how you vacuumed and stuff while your 20 year old girl was playing games. How you left everything on her shoulders, where to eat, what to do, what movie to watch. Does that sound like something a man is supposed to do? What an alpha does? Your job is to take the lead. To be decisive and driven. Not to put her in charge. She lost attraction for you for maybe an entire year from what you told us here. She was coasting along in the relationship until she found someone better. You enabled her behaviour, acted weak in the relationship and after she dumped you in the blink of an eye (from your perspective, because you dont know how to recognize the signs, she was out for along time emotionaly) you wanna take her back. She only tries to string you along because she hasnt found someone better yet. What you need to do is grow a set of balls, walk away forever from her and learn from the mistakes you did in this relationship so you know better in the future so you wont repeat them. Remember the red flags and next time you see them, dont ignore them


GamingThread Death Stranding - 50-Minute TGS Gameplay Demonstration
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Platform Warring; Prior History of Platform Warring and Numerous Bans for Inflammatory Behavior
there are people who behave excited by default because of kojima worship and others because its a ps4 exclusive. This is some bizzare, boring shit they're showing here. This is not a game i can personally be excited about based on this


GamingThread [GamingBolt] Gears 5 is arguably the best looking game of all time
Reason User banned (3 days): trolling over a series of posts
digital foundry are not professionals dude. They're youtubers with no education in the field, no access to source codes and no knowledge of what any of the game's they are covering do outside of surface level analysis. youtubers that analyze games by eye and screenshot comparisons. You and me could do the entire thing they do. They're not professionals and certainly not outside the realm of being wrong. Dont hold them up higher than they are


GamingThread A dev who worked "hundreds of hours" on Starbound wasn't paid a cent by Chucklefish, along with other unpaid workers after being promised pay
Reason User banned (1 week): misrepresenting and antagonizing other users over multiple posts
im not whining, just observing. I dont think threads like these are made in good faith. For the "victim". The makers of said threads are upset that the reaction they wanted wasnt formed. Not awareness from people. The things these threads want is always to make the perceived villain hurt. Make him fired, make him suffer, make him feel pain, destroy his life if possible.


GamingThread Ion Fury devs show signs of transphobia among other issues.
Reason User banned (5 days): thread whining, disingenuously misrepresenting another member. The topic creator was asked to make a thread by another poster in the game's OT.
i mean, the op of this thread literally made this thread because he didnt got his witch hunt in the game threads. He stated it in this op. He kept bringing this up, but the mobs werent forming. So he got ambitious and made a whole dedicated thread.


GamingThread I played Horizon Zero Dawn and AC: Odyssey back to back and AC was better at virtually everything
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Platform Warring; Prior Warning for Platform Warring
Sony exclusives basically have shrines erected for them on resetera. Every poor design aspect thats criticized in every 3rd party game becomes amazing in a sony exclcusive, its a tried and true mechanic. People here become laser focused on every title thats a sony exclusive and can barelly believe how amazing it is, most of the times. They became games of the generation for many. Posts like yours that try to portray that somehow sony is this underdog, this poor fella thats ganged up by mean people. Here, on resetera. The most sony focused forum ive ever seen? Posts like this are in incredibly bad faith


GamingThread Days Gone best selling new IP of 2019 (so far) in UK
Reason User warned: Thread Whining and Console Warring
Because it probably didnt. By what accounts ? Accounts like this ridiculous thread? US and China generate 70 billion dollars anually in game sales. Yet we make threads like this posting how UK generated a whopping 1 billion so far. The game has a couple hundred thousand sales and the posts we make are "its gonna set records" or it did extremely well. People keep trying to artificially inflate this game so they can nab another one in the sony exclusives list worth playing. The middling reviews all of a sudden dont matter, but matter for other games where they align with the narative. User scores from metacritic became this solid reference and indicative of the game's quality overnight. Its pretty ridiculous the stuff around this game


GamingThread Digital Foundry: Halo Infinite E3 2019: A Taste Of Next-Gen Xbox Graphics?
Reason User Banned (3 days): Antagonising other members
There's no victim here. I dont care about microsofts console. Never had, never will. Completely neutral party, this forum is like sony and intendo's personal portal run by the CEO's relatives when it comes to their respective exclusives at least. God of Wars single i dont know what camera shot something. That frankly non aspect was pummeled to hell and back by its suporters as if it was this transcendent aspect. Someone even said how bad all games looked in his eyes because of that. Days Gone, people were clinging to every minuscule aspect they could find in order to inflate the game. The only sale metric we got for the game was physical. In UK only. Which amounted to something like 100k copies or something like that. Forget about it, people were writing articles how the game is selling gangbusters, how the public opinion didnt care about the midlling reviews and so on. Resetera is of the opinion that steam user reviews are absolut junk and should be wiped from existence. But in the case of Days Gone, the newest sony exclusive, people, in their attempt to make reality other than it is, made a 180 and all of a sudden metacritics user reviews of all things were the most relevant thing ever :)))) See, people said. User reviews on mt are at 80. The audience clearly worships sony's newest exclusive. Without having interest in xbox, this forum worships the ground sony walks on. Maybe its not aparrent to you, but for me, as a mostly outside bystander this is the most obvious fact on this forum


GamingThread "Console Exclusive" marketing is misleading and frustrating and I wish companies were more transparent
Reason User Warned: Antagonizing other members
You can almost taste your tears at the mere thought of this game not being exclusive to the corporation you idolize. When the game will come to PC's after a few months, the threads will be amazing here