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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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EtcetEraThread DatingEra - This isn't like one of your animes
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Promoting Misogynistic Channels
There’s not a lot of non-shit alternatives, that don’t also sugarcoat stuff or recommend stuff that’s not true, but it’s the PC thing to say. It’s hard to describe what I mean, clearly, lol, but I learned a ton from Todd Valentine (definitely PUA) and Corey Wayne (relationship/mindset-centric). They both have pleeeeeenty of red flags, but I learned things from both of them that would’ve otherwise be lost to me or taken me way longer to find. If someone doesn’t want to wade through shit, that’s a-ok, but I trusted myself enough to be able to tell right from wrong and take the lessons that I felt were useful.Anytime, bud. People ghost each other for a variety of different reasons during like the first 6 months of the dating process, sometimes even after that. It's just become an acceptable thing to do. There's different things you can try if you do get ghosted, but they're usually not worth doing especially if the girl ghosted you due to over-texting / neediness, whatever. I would definitely focus on staying on the app, working out, getting hobbies (do improv or something that'll get you out there), and just seeing what happens. Before I started getting into reading/listening to coaching stuff, which I personally recommend, I was ghosted by a gorgeous girl who I literally had non-stop sex sessions with multiple times a week for like 3-4 weeks. Just disappeared. It happens and while you shouldn't blame yourself (or her, you don't know what she's going through), you should try to analyze if there was anything you could've done differently or examine how you were feeling while dating the girl (nervous, anxious, whatever). For me wanting to understand women and why I would get ghosted is what led me to check out all sorts of material, because having some sort of mentorship is better than none. Sometimes you get ghosted and you'll never know why, just keep living your best life and it'll all work out.


Gaming HangoutsThread Epic Seven (Mobile/Mobage) |OT| 1.25% better than Dragalia Lost's Rates!
Reason User Warned: Hostility
It truly doesn’t. Stop asking for handouts because you aren’t getting lucky. It’s Gacha, them’s the breaks. Handing out selectors fucks up the meta because everyone rushes after the same units. I didn’t get to pick any of my characters (yet), it was all rng. You seem like an idiot though, so we can agree to stop talking now. Read ’s post for a nicer shaped version of what I’m trying to say.


Gaming HangoutsThread Epic Seven (Mobile/Mobage) |OT| 1.25% better than Dragalia Lost's Rates!
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Antagonizing Another User, Gendered Language
Dizzy is a free win with Violet, Charles, momo and a bevy of other units. She’s only annoying when you’re extremely undergeared compared to her or in a 1v1 whyyyyy scenario. Immunity is also an option to dodge her initial s3 and put her down quick. She requires a cleanser and a solid DPS to put her down. She’s annoying but I routinely play against dizzies without my own and do just fine. Laiza just likes to bitch. There will always be something that makes this the worst game ever as they actively bend over backwards to appease the fans. I guess without people like her, we probably wouldn’t have all these changes, so that’s a small boon.


GamingThread Final Fantasy XIV Reintroduces "Gender"-locked races, Viera female only, Hrothgar male only.
Reason User banned (24 hours): Inflammatory drive-by posting, thread-whining.
People sure like to complain.