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"We're getting heavily played."

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GamingThread David Jaffe take on Betheseda acquisition
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending Further Admin Review): Dismissing Concerns of Bigotry Over Multiple Posts; Prior Severe Bans for Sexism and for Dismissing Transphobia
JK also has shitty opinions doesnt mean I wont be playing Hogwarts game. Also does not invalidate her work. Talented people can be shitty people. I can separate the art from the persons personal/political opinions. Also never read a harry potter book. But I enjoy that universe.They are not but Cosby still gets mentioned to his genius as a early comic.


GamingThread Shinobi on Xbox "Stuff that was planned for this month pushed to next month."
Reason User Banned (1 month): Platform wars; long history of repeated infractions
Yup. If Sony's event is still on for this month, then god I pray there's delay's to soften the blow for everyone at 343.


GamingThread Wired: The Future of Xbox Isn't Just a Console (Phil Spencer Interview)
Reason User Banned (3 weeks): Console wars, history of similar behavior
Word is out on that front still. They need to show games on the same level of quality as the competition consecutively.


GamingThread MS: "90 million active Xbox Live Users (up from 64 last quarter); more than 10 million GamePass subs"
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): platform warring and concern trolling
Then they should have no issue showing revenue numbers from the actual service across PC/Xbox right? The quarterly someone posted showed only 2% increase for xbox and services so....


GamingThread Crytek engineer: PS5 better console, easier to reach peak performance
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Platform Warring; Prior Ban for the Same
WHERE IS YOUR TERAFLOP GOD NOW DIGITAL FOUNDRY!!!! lol, In all seriousness this is a pretty insightful interview even though it's not 100% since it's google translate.


GamingThread Sony's PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PC this year, sources tell Kotaku.
Reason User banned (2 days): Platform Warring; Hostility
If that's the future then seriously and no disrespect to you, but FUCK THAT. I LOVE GAMING, HAVE BEEN GAMING SINCE I WAS 4 ON ATARI 2600. Thats not gaming to me, like at fucking all. Then I guess Ill move on to putting more time into my motorcycles. like seriously I'm almost having a mental breakdown at the thought. Gaming has been such a giant part of my life, i fucking moved to San Francisco to persue a career in gaming. I really hope this is the alcohol talking. I love console gaming, I love exclusives, I like the way consoles are designed which is why as much as I bitch I admire Nintendo. Please don't tell me what I love in creativity in developing a game for certain specs/box is going away. Jesus.......I need a priest and someone''s shoulder to cry on..... I fucking hope February comes with a bang, and shows Sony is just doing this for select titles.You going to be my wing-man in this apocalypse? I need someone to save me.


EtcetEraThread Anita Sarkeesian Tweets about barely any female characters in first two eps of Mandalorian. Goes about as well as you'd expect.
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): sexist dogwhistles
Her criticism has Merritt, but Anita has a habit throughout her career to make it about her and not necessarily about the movement. And I know about the ungodly amount of harassment she gets, death threats. Which no one should go through or experience. But I would argue if she was more part of a panel of representatives for the movement. It would not be all directed to singular person who tweets about the issue to bring levity to it. IV seen her at panels, she comes off sometimes as a bully, and self-righteous. Gets to be on Colbert, gets tons of attention. Instead of the movement or group that she represents. And that's my issue with how she comes off when talking about certain topics. She makes it about her.


EtcetEraThread Hollywood Reporter: Dave Chappelle Slams Michael Jackson Accusers and "Cancel Culture" in Netflix Special
Reason User banned (1 week): dismissing transphobia
I know I'm going to either get banned or dog piled for this, but maybe people that laughed/WATCHED, and ran with what he was saying understood that nothing in comedy is off limits, thats the point of comedy is to say shit no one wants to say or talk about. particular subjects Dave talked about were all current and relevant topics that right now are in a the spotlight from R.Kelly/Michael Jackson, to TRANS in the LGBTQ. Just like in his show he was bringing racism into all if not most of his sketches because it was something for a while that was kind of not openly talked about anymore, we thought that we had covered that, as talked about it and accepted it. But he was there to show us it was in front of us all the time with his sketches. It's no different. Nothing is off limits. Eddie murphy use to be the same way. I mean look at his Cosby jokes from the Twain awards.