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EtcetEraThread NFT Collectors of ERA, show off what you have here.
Red Text Thread rebooted. The original version of this thread got off to an awful start: NFTs are not a banned topic and neither is crypto. Hostility towards the OP for making this thread is unacceptable. If you don't want to engage the topic, you don't have to post. Drive-by trolling is not okay. Towards the end there was starting to be some actual discussion but the first couple pages had almost none. Let's have the discussion from the start this time please.


EtcetEraThread OnlyFans, Twitter ban users for leaking politician's BDSM video; Said politician gave level-headed response
Red Text Keep in mind that Zack Weiner is a victim in this story. He had a video released without his consent. With that said, please avoid making jokes about what happened and jokes about his name. Any posts after this that do either, will be actioned.