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"We do not allow our members to make claims or arguments not based on reality"

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GamingThread Jason Schreier joins MinnMaxx podcast to talk about Sony, Bend, and Naughty Dog
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Personal Attacks Against Another Member Over Multiple Posts
Still...a studio head would know where a "journalist" leech simply wouldn't have the skinny on that type of info based on access and social circles in general.


GamingThread Awarding discrimination - The Game Awards
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Rationalizing sexism and exclusionary rhetoric
Uh, I think this is kind of dramatic given the reasons he stated for not streaming with female gamers isn't descrimantory or offering any level of prejudice towards any's all about the troll nature of the public that supports him and game culture in general. I'm not sure why you would want to attack someone that doesn't want to get caught up in the online drama of people making up lies and derailing two or more careers in the process...which most of you know would very likely happen.


GamingThread Nintendo needs to sell 14.93 million units in the six months from October 2018 to March 2019
Reason User banned (5 days): platform warring
To a certain extent I agree, but only outside the context of a Nintendo hardware launch. If the next Zelda releases with the update of the Switch it's going to sell a lot, if it releases on it's own it's not going to hit those BOTW kind of numbers because they already pulled that rabbit out of the hat and everybody bought it. With new hardware new switch owners will believe a new Zelda is going to be the game that will show them all the bells and whistles of the new hardware they're already familiar with that routine. This doesn't make any sense. The narrative of Nintendo for YEARS has been basically "Less Power, More Play" and the Wii U was a dramatic improvement from the original Wii hardware spec. Even if it had been true that the Wii U had the power of a 10 year old science calculator it shouldn't have had any effect because of the games. Whatever perceived shortcomings some people believed Wii U had the shortcomings didn't cost Nintendo any Wii U customers. The rise of casual gaming on mobile phones claimed large swathes of casual gamers from Nintendo and the game content being so radically different from what console gamers were accustomed but being offered as a console experience made it a problematic purchase for for console gamers. A lot of times people just don't want to accept the truth. A microcosm of Switch's potential long term problem can be found in Monster Hunter, if look at this through a "Core gamer" lens I guess. Monster Hunter was a Nintendo exclusive franchise for a number of years, it was one of the more important exclusives Nintendo had that was recognizable outside of Nintendo platforms. For many years Capcom held the position that Monster Hunter really wouldn't sell on any platform other then Nintendo or wasn't fot for platforms other than Nintendo. After the release of Monster Hunter World the franchise sold a little over 10 million units completely outside of Nintendo platforms. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate appears to have sold less then a million units on the Switch. The truth is that there are only a handful of current Nintendo IPs that are going to sell like BOTW or Mario Odyssey on the Switch. Most if not all of those golliath selling games are releasing in the next year and a half or so and that cut off is going to have an effect on the long term sales of the hybrid console. This is the main reason I think the total life sales of the Switch will probably be around forty to fifty million, which would mean that at some point in the next couple of years there will be a steep decline in unit sales, but forty to fifty million gamers is still a significantly large userbase. I fail to see why so many long standing Nintendo fans feel the need to frame every Switch success against what's happening in the console game space. Nintendo is never going to win that contest and why would they want to? (why do you want them to? Really?) Nintendo is moderately successful to very successful operating in their own bubble. Just celebrate that versus laying in wait for anyone to offer any criticism of your favorite game system and then try to force the conversation into the Nintendo vs. everybody else direction. Since it always seems to come down this in any kind of Nintendo based discussion not revolving around a particular game the whole "Nintendo's IP is Bulletprroof and a Platinum Cornacopia of only Goodness" should be unpacked a little bit and scrutinized a bit closer in the context of what the average console gamer is looking for... There's no way the Wii U ahould have been the abject failure as it was IF Nintendo's intellectual properties IN THE CONSOLE SPACE were as valuable as some people seem to think they are to the majority of console gamers. Switch wouldn't be experiencing the immediate extreme highs and now the kind of leveling off or slight decline in sales it's seeing if the IP cache was that great within the console space because other succesful consoles have not performed this way. The kind of leveling off/decline in Switch sales are experiencing now shouldn't have really started until year four or five for a successful console and the sales should still be climbing dramatically if it were selling like a super succesful handheld, especially if the Nintendo IP were as console valuable as some people like to think. In the real world Nintendo hasn't been a real driver in console gaming proper since all the way back to the SuperNES and they've been perfectly fine. After shrinking back from the console space all those years back other franchises and console ecosystems grew, which meant a lot of core/console gamers moved away from those stalwart Nintendo franchises multiple decades ago. Because Nintendo transitioned to primarily a mobile games platform influencer and abandoned their post as a standards bearer in the console space when the standards and taste shifted there's going to be a wait and see attitude from a lot of core/console gamers today and a lot, maybe even most just aren't going to dig what Nintendo is offering...not that that should really matter to Nintendo or their fans they are successful with only a small sampling of that typical console group, plus their traditional fans, plus some probable fairweather casual gamers they're doing great. You can't realistically expect people that haven't touched a Nintendo console for ten or a lot more years that have adopted a whole slew of other franchises to immediately clamor for a lot of game IP that's seen most of it's success on mobile platforms or haven't gotten that much exposure from mediocre to poor selling Nintendo consoles since the Gamecube era or well before in today's console environment. Mobile and console game spaces generally have had pretty distinct userbases with a little bit of crossover. As much as a lot of Nintendo fans hate it there is a smallish group of Nintendo core console fans and then nostalgia seeking consumers, many of which are casual gamers that were also most of the Wii audience that checked out of buying games regularly after the first couple of years of the the Wii, which is why there wasn't a large audience patiently anticipating the next Wii U the way other consoles fans generally are waiting for new consoles. I'm not saying I think the Switch is going to fail, it's obviously a tremendous success already, but they're not going to get anywhere near the 335M number they revised their lifetime projections to be assuming Switch would sell more like a handheld then a hit anywhere near that number they would have to sell between 40M-70M units per year on a 6-7 year lifecycle and that would have to encompass the entire core gamer audience, switch's current core audience and more. Most likely the Wii U userbase represents the actual size of the Nintendo console specific core userbase that is actually reliable for games sales. The thing is that the casual gamer that plays phone games isn't gone so that's one part of the Wii audience Switch is not going to get in the kinds of numbers the Wii had, console ecosystems outside of Nintendo are fairly strong now, so Nintendo is only going to get and keep a slice of that market. It's better to be prepared than to be unrealistically optimistic. Nintendo is going to have to continue to develop some new hit properties like they did with Splatoon that have more of a console/Switch specific association rather than try to completely rely on past IP, indie games or just lean on transitioning Nintendo mobile titles to the switch. Nintendo has a good history of making bankable single player and some co-op games, but multiplayer relative to the CODs, Battlefields, Battlefronts, Fortnites of the world is really a different kind of animal for Nintendo or Nintendo first parties. They should stick to doing what they do well while pushing a little further with multiplayer games to keep the audience they have.


GamingThread Sony advertising RDR2 as "Play it in 4K"
Reason User Warned - Ignoring Mod Post with System Warring
I call BS on this thread and believe the poster in question or someone else (probably an Xfanatic doctored this image. Here is a promotional image from Sony, via Engadget that contradicts the claims made in the OP posted image:


GamingThread Can someone explain how Nintendo 'perfected' open world with BotW?
Reason User Warned: System Wars
Dude, you're engaging the single largest internet troll army on the globe. I hope you're ready. I've had the same question as I thought the game as a whole, because it is very empty was below average for today's Open World standards and the Nintendo fans weren't having any of it. Maybe because GOY is over and they won, which kind of felt like a giveaway, they won't care as much about the criticism now.