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GamingThread Nintendo doesn't plan on censoring video games, will only rely on 3rd-party rating boards
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Rationalizing the Sexualized Depictions of Minors
This has been the biggest problem about Sony's policy, though. The fact that they told devs to not admit there was a censorship policy was practically draconian.Don't. Buy. Them. Vote with your wallet. If people want to buy them regardless of the stigma attached to it as you say, then clearly there's enough money in it to keep going as long as these games have been made. It is ABSURD to have somebody over the ratings board say otherwise and there's not a single excuse for it. Also, considering we're talking about an UNDEFINED AMBIGUOUS CENSORSHIP POLICY, I would think that's up for scrutiny until foundations are set. And no, "Think of the children" is not a fucking justification. Lay out the guidelines, drop the stupid mandatory English communication between devs and Sony California, and stop telling devs that they can't say their games were censored. That shit is not okay.