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"We're getting heavily played."

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EtcetEraThread WA Post / Los Angeles : "A trans woman undressed in a spa. Customers said they were ‘traumatized,’ and a protest ensued."
Reason User Banned (Permanent): JAQing off concerning trans issues in a sensitive thread; account in junior phase
Something was bothering me earlier when I looked into this. The responses about potential predators... I dismissed them at first, but it was too troubling for me to ignore, so I started thinking... Was that trans person actively preying on them? If not, then they shouldn't be concerned. While not common, at least that I know of, cis-male and females don't tend to prey on each other in the bathrooms. Again as far as I know, women only worry about men entering their bathrooms and preying on them. Which means they are worried because she was a male in terms of sex. However, she identifies as female and I assume it works in terms of gender identity too. Trans-women use the women's bathroom/spa's because that is how they identify. On top of that, they likely feel safe amongst their own sex. I'm probably making huge assumptions here, and may be commenting on something I don't completely understand. Any trans people feel free to speak up. But I feel that they are basically calling for forcing trans-people to use bathrooms and spa's of the opposite sex, which they may not feel comfortable in. That's segregation. And besides, what about trans-people's fears for being preyed on by the opposite sex if forced to use their bathrooms and spa's? Anyways, those were just my thoughts. /rant