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GamingThread Gaz from Game On Daily: Playground's Fable possibly downscaled after having trouble with the Forzatech engine
Reason User Warned: Long History of Creating Threads to Stoke Console Wars Drama
Take with a grain of salt, as usual. So this rumor is from Gaz, founder of the Game On Daily news aggregate site and YouTube channel. He also regularly features on Colteastwood's XNC (Xbox News Cast) podcast, as he did recently when the topic of Fable came up. He claims that his source told him that: - Fable had to be scaled down because the team had trouble building the game on Forzatech - Likely still using Forzatech - The gameplay mechanics they designed could not be retrofitted into the engine - Didn't have the expertise with the open world gameplay involving the mechanics they wanted to implement, so they needed to bring in more developers - It's likely further away than people expect, but still ultimately "nothing to worry about" You can watch the segment in question here: EDIT: For further validity, I had a look at Playground's careers page and noticed they still have around 74 job positions up for the Fable team, 5 of which are Director positions so it does sound quite far off still.