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"[mod edit] this isn't the thread to share your fetishes, thank you!"

Naga's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Nintendo of America makes statement on recent events surrounding the death of George Floyd #BlackLivesMatter
Reason User Banned (1 Month) - Trolling in a sensitive thread
? I didn't say "leave Nintendo aloooone". I feel like you haven't been in the previous thread with some people throwing over themselves to find a reason to say that their lack of messaging (despite what they were doing on the side) was the worst thing since their dog died. edit:See above. The overreactions weren't about the lack of statement on twitter.


GamingThread TLOU2 "make dog owners cry feature" email was marketing from Gamestop, not Sony (correction)
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Trolling over a series of posts
edit for people that only read the first two lines in the OP: If you've seen this thread: It was (mostly) wrong! This marketing is from Gamestop, not from Sony (which wasn't implied in the thread btw). Naughty Dog's director of communication chimed in the thread (it's in the updated OP, way before it was closed), and posted that on twitter: Hopefully people read the OP this time! Posting that since apparently people only read titles. My bad for people thinking this is some kind of hate campaign, the idiots on twitter sharing lies will still do that no matter what. And mods can close it too since they didn't bother updating the thread of the old one, despite me requesting it as soon as I knew (just like the lock, even if it's implied I didn't). edit: again, killing dogs is in the game, and yes their NPC owners will react to it (it's in old previews too). This is completely though.


GamingThread What is this garbage design doing in my Atelier game?
Reason User warned: Repeatedly gatekeeping and antagonizing another member over a series of posts
1) So are you updating the OP with the other screenshots showing it's actually not that bad? Those pictures seem to come from a random twitter account, but the actual ingame screenshots are really not similar. 2) So you bought just the Arland games, is that right? Not the Mysterious trilogy, the Dusk ones (that are getting a remake too in January, so everyone is happy)...? No PS2 games? 3) You buying some games doesn't change the fact that those games have been selling less and less. Ryza getting a sales boost doesn't mean that characters will always get those designs. 4) Again, if you played Atelier for more than the Arland games, you know that each story arc has a different designer. This is a new one just like the Arland one (that felt like the girls were way too young for many people) was different from the Dusk one. Designs are pretty varied and change often, you should check them. edit:Seems similar to most in the series tbh. Nelke has all the protagonists of the franchise, and look at their designs: