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GamingThread Xbox Game Studios & Bethesda Softworks | OTXVIII | An Obscure And Unpopular Thread Title
Reason User banned (1 week): Continuous trolling an OT over a series of posts
They barely release AAA games. Whether Flight Sim is AA or AAA isn't even relevant. Some people don't even consider it a game itself and it's definitely not something mass fans will gravitate towards so I don't see how that changes anything I said: Halo Infinite should've got delayed again, it needed more time Xbox should've planned 2022 better because the year looks horrific. Where is the lie and trolling with what I said?


GamingThread [VGC] Insiders describe ‘fast and furious’ exits from Xbox’s Perfect Dark studio
Reason User warned: Concern-Trolling
Judging from how Halo Infinite turned out, the reboot of Everwild and now this, It doesn't sound like MS puts in any deadlines/goals to meet. Their games take a notable long time to make compared to Nintendo and Sony. If developers see that their game is going nowhere or is taking too long, they will leave. And MS is scared of being labeled a crunch studio/publisher to do anything about it. They are fixated on being labeled "the good guys" that its coming to the cost of their games and developers don't care about that. They just want to make games Naughty Dog is labeled a crunch studio but guess what, they also have the most awarded game ever in their catalog and developers would run to work for them any chance they got.