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EtcetEraThread IAAF to argue that Caster Semenya should classified as a “biological male" at CAS (Update: Semenya loses case) [See Staff Post]
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Ignoring staffpost
The root of this is that we have different sporting competitions, divided on the basis of sex. Anything that introduces ambiguous (or plural) categorisation will run into these issues. I have a lot of sympathy for Caster, who is simply living her life and has done a great job of being freaking fast. Where can she run, and on what basis can that be fairly decided whilst still adhering to the concept of differentiated competition aiming to avoid gender-associated hormonal advantage? Something has to give somewhere. As a side note, I struggle to accept that hormone treatments can fully remove the lasting advantage from a previous physical state. In most kinds of training progression, you can't fully undo all progress and changes in physiology that have come about from, for example, steroid use. Even returning to an untrained state, which a professional athlete would rarely do, there are persistent changes that will confer ongoing advantage. It's why I don't like seeing people like Justin "he's clean now" Gatlin in competition- he simply wouldn't be the reigning 100m champion at 37 without the lasting benefits of his testosterone doping (assuming that he's currently running clean). Again, any equivalent situation for Caster would not be her fault, which feels important.